Small gestures also count

Today, as I walked into the city to run some errands, I noticed a very large truck was ‘stuck’ on the corner of two streets. The driver had been trying to maneuver it out, but didn’t see how to move forward or backward anymore. Some people had come out of their homes. The driver was on the phone with his boss and a large bus, that had to pick up 100 people, was also stuck because of the truck blocking the street.

The poor driver was sweating and worried, and looked really anxious. I called the police, explained what had happened and asked for their help. When I told the driver,  his face showed some relief as it was one and a half hours since he’d gotten stuck! I did my errands, came back to find some good men were helping him move his truck backwards. I had bought him a cold drink, which I gave to him. He choked up and said “Thank you so much. You are too kind.” I said I was certain his luck would change and the men helping him, including two bus drivers, were confident they would get him out. They know their stuff. I couldn’t help with that. But at least I could cheer him up a little by showing some kindness.

Nothing major, and yet, small gestures also count. – Anon 😀


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