It can sometimes be difficult to get students, especially those in higher grades, to open up but this is a fun way of encouraging students to let their guard down a little. 


We have included a variation of this activity in our curriculum for younger students which we call the Grumpy Paper Toss. Students are asked to write down things that worry them or make them feel grumpy. They take a moment to consider why these things are upsetting and resolve to allow themselves to let the little things go. After scrunching their paper into a ball, they get to shoot for a goal in the rubbish bin!

The Snowball Toss is a step up which allows older students the opportunity to unpack their worries and learn about the effects of stress. It's a great segway into discussions around mental health, compassion, understanding and supporting others.

Credit: Edutopia

The Ripple Kindness Project school curriculum book with a kindness card and resources with copy explaining what it is.

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