So this happened today

What You Do Makes A Difference And You Have To Decide What Kind Of Difference You Want To Make

Walking to a diner to get a bite to eat with my husband, we saw a man sitting on the sidewalk asking for money. My husband gave him a fiver. It was cold outside so as we were walking in, I turned back and asked the gentleman if I could bring him a coffee. He said yes please and told me how he liked it. I brought it out to him with a blueberry muffin. Didn’t think any more about it.

Had a great meal and conversation with my hubby and asked for the check. The waiter tells us it’s been taken care of by people at another table. We didn’t recognize any of them. I said you must’ve made a mistake. Nope. So I walk over and say, sorry to interrupt but there is some mistake. One of the women said, “no, no mistake. I saw what you did for that man out there and wanted to buy your lunch as a thank you. You’re a fellow traveler.” Is that amazing or what? So incredibly kind of them.

Pam, Stevie and Olivia. Remarkable upper west siders. You made our week.

P.S. You know how I could’ve upped my game? Asking the man on the street to join us. Next time.

❤️ – pass it on. – Maureen

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