Someone did it for me!

Strangers Act Of Kindness.
I did a good deed for someone else everyday this past week. I had actually made this a personal goal long long ago. I do something for someone else everyday! It may or may not be for someone I know or that know’s me.

When winter comes, I gather coats and blankets for the homeless. In the summer I look for cheap ice chests for them to keep their food in. I may not have a lot, but I find God has always provided me with what I need. I like to give to others because it’s a feeling that I don’t get from anything else.

When I go across the Bay Bridge, I usually pay for the person behind me. Why? Because one time a long time ago someone did itΒ for me. It was a very minimal expense but I was quite touched by it. If someone is having a good day or a bad day it makes it better. I wish we could all be more giving to others. – Connie πŸ˜€

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