I have sons, take it!

Kindness Gives A Feeling Of Comfort.
I was waiting my turn at the checkout in a shopping centre and I couldn’t help overhearing a young man’s conversation on his phone. He was nicely dressed and had a good look about him but it seemed he was having a hard time with money. He told the person on the phone he had only $20 and would put it in the bank for whoever was on the phone.

When I paid the cashier I got $20 and quietly slipped it into his hand. He looked at me in shock and I said you are having a tough time keep it. He was amazed and was so grateful. I told him I have sons, take it.

I had to walk a distance to the car and was putting my groceries in the boot. Next thing the young man pulled up and asked do I want my lawn mowed or anything else done? I asked him, don’t you have a job and he said yes. He wanted to make it up to me, I told him to pass on the good deed and said good bye. I was so touched and felt so good. Never told anyone till now. – Kathleen  😛

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