Spreading positive vibes during this time of darkness

During Dark Times It'S Kindness That Sheds Light.

We are all experiencing something we never thought we’d live through. It’s causing a huge amount of anxiety for people and we ALL need to be mindful of supporting one another as much as we can. This means trying to focus on the good things and spreading positive vibes during this time of darkness.

The one thing we can all still do, no matter where we are, is to encourage and lift one another with positive stories. Please SHARE yours below or email us so we can help each other get through these dark times.


  1. Darcy Ambler says:

    In going through boxes to tidy up a bit, because I have lots of spare time, I found a memory jar that a friend had given me. Sitting down and reading it again was an act of kindness for myself. Since many folks are physical distancing right now and aren’t going gift shopping, this is a great gift to make. As long as you have time, some paper, some scissors, pens and a jar, jot down some memories of special times you’ve spent with someone you love and fill the jar.Use your creative juices to decorate the jar and the paper strips. Great gift for parents or grandparents who don’t really “need” anything and it is a winwin because the act of making it is a gift to yourself

    1. RippleKindness says:

      I love these kind of thoughtful gifts. How lovely to rediscover it and enjoy it again during a time when we all need to feel important and connected. We’d love to see a photo of your jar to share on socials to inspire others to create one.

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