What makes the world a better place.
I was at the counter in a convenience store paying as two young girls (probably 7 and 9) came in and told the guy behind the counter they didn’t have any money, they were hungry, can they have a lil something off the shelf. He said of course and they each got a bag of chips, said thank you and went to the car waiting in the parking lot.

Having lived in my car myself, I could tell this family of four was living in their vehicle. Mom was very stressed and in tears, dad behind the wheel probably trying to save gas just sitting there. I went to my car and took out some cash, as I had recently been blessed and walked to their car. The mother had gotten out by then, so I met her standing next to the car where I handed her the bill.

This woman held it up and looked at it exclaiming, OH MY GOD and burst into tears, threw her arms around me and just balled her eyes out. I held her as she cried telling her it was going to be alright, go feed the children. It still makes me cry to this day. – Suzy 🙂

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