How a stranger became a dear friend

Rewarded By FriendshipOn a recent trip to Nassau, Bahamas I had the opportunity to meet several awesome women. One in particular stands out in my mind because of her kind actions. Natalie was a stranger who saw I was in need and offered assistance. I was in a taxi in route to a talk I was hosting on the beach. All of a sudden the taxi started slowing down for no apparent reason. The driver kept repeating β€œLet me make it to the gas station.” As he pulled into the gas station the car was smoking. The driver exited the vehicle. Not sure what was going to happen, I grabbed my bag and hopped out of the taxi as well.

The taxi driver pulled in front of another vehicle. The driver of the other vehicle watched the smoke coming from the taxi as well as me standing there with a look of confusion. She rolled down her window and asked if everything was okay and if I needed a ride. I looked at the taxi, then back at her and said, β€œIt looks that way.” She offered to take me to my destination. I immediately hopped in the car with the stranger known as Nat. Nat and I chatted and laughed about my taxi experience. I shared with her about the talk on the beach as well as my business. She shared stories of her family and her love of the Miami Dolphins. Later we enjoyed dinner and continued our conversation while watching her favorite team play football.

On this journey called life, I met a stranger whom now I consider a sister friend. Most people would have immediately declined the offer from a stranger to give you a ride; especially when you are in a foreign country. However, if you think about the number of times you have flown on a plane, hopped in a taxi, or ridden on a bus or train, the operator of the vehicle is a stranger. Nat offered her services not seeking anything in return. She was my savior in a time of need. The message I received on this journey was when you are in need, don’t be afraid to accept the offer of a stranger. It just may be genuine! – Tina πŸ˜€

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