Quote - Kindness will always make you feel good so be a little kinder than necessary.

A couple days ago, after it had been snowing all day, a neighbor came in the store I work at a couple of hours before I was done with my shift and asked me if I was going to attempt to make our hill when I left work (I live on a road that has a HUGE hill right at the beginning of the road and unless it’s constantly taken care of you can’t get up it). I had told him yes and I was praying the town would have plowed by the time I got out.

Well 2 hours later, it was time for me to go home, and needless to say they had not plowed. I got stuck 3/4 of the way up the hill and had to back all the way down. By the time I reached the bottom, that same neighbor was there waiting for me.

He told me to give him a couple of minutes to get ahead of me and he would plow our side of the hill so I could make it up and not be stuck in town. I was so happy and relieved. This was at 6 pm and the plow truck never came through until 4:30 am the next morning but thanks to him, I was able to be at home with my family instead of being stuck in town waiting for the plow truck.

There really is still kindness around and I’m surrounded by it every day. – Amy

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