Sweet dreams mum

Friday, 5 August life was ebbing away from my poor old mum, just a few weeks short of 93. She had been unwell for such a long time we all knew the inevitable could happen anytime.

Mum was now in hospital with Pneumonia and we knew it wouldn’t be long. Being the school holidays, I was trying to keep things bobbing along, a sense of normality, especially for my youngest (12). We were at the cinema watching the BFG. Half way through I left the theatre to check my phone for updates. I had received a call from the hospital to say mum had declined further. I was trying to ring around but no-one was picking up. I had a meltdown!

A lady was passing, saw my distress and came over. It turned out she was the manager. She checked on my daughter happily engrossed in the film, comforted me, calmed me, bought me a coffee and reassured me. She told me she would leave something for me. I returned to my seat and watched the film out. As we were leaving I discovered she had left an envelope for me with two guest tickets to return another day and tucked her phone number inside – if I needed to talk.

Later that day I sat with my mum at the hospital for hours, holding her hand and talking rubbish, as you do, saying my goodbyes. Dementia had robbed me of my mum 3 years before so I don’t know if she understood. The next morning (Saturday) the hospital rang early to say it wouldn’t be long. I got there, I could see it was the end. Again, I held her hand and then her chest rose for the last time. She peacefully slipped away. My mum was gone… Free! Free as a bird.

So thank you to Dawn, at the Odeon Cinema in my hometown here in the UK for being there at that moment in time with heartfelt thanks for your kindness.

And sweet dreams to my mum, Linda Sophia Hackfoort (03.09.1923 – 06.08.2016). – Trev-ally ❤

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