This inspirational video has a wonderful message to inspire children and help them see their worth. Show this video by Meir Kay to demonstrate to your children or students that no matter what happens in life, they are worthy and valuable members of society. read more →

Judging by appearance

Being a single parent is hard, but losing my job at Christmas made it harder.

I had put a few things on layaway before losing my job one year. I went to cancel part of the items and pay for what I could afford. I began to cry and explain my situation to the clerk.

While tears flowed, a person gently put $20 on the counter, then a 2nd person did the same. read more →

Ripples of kindness.
My co-worker told me a story about her doctor’s office visit. She was waiting to be seen by her physician when she struck up a conversation with a young man. She related to him and had sympathy for him as he had just lost his job and wasn’t going to be able to afford his prescriptions.

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Discover our light.
On New Year’s Day in 2011, I stopped in at a Catholic church in San Antonio. I was just sitting in a pew reflecting on who I am and what I believe, when I saw a young man walk up the main aisle and take his place in an empty pew nearer to the front.

It soon became clear that he was crying. After a bit, I got up and walked over to him and asked him if he needed a hug. He said, “Yes ma’am. I sure do.” I hugged him, told him it would be ok, then headed back down the aisle. On my way out of the church I burst into tears. I waited outside for a bit (the friend I was traveling with was still in the church), and then I headed back in. read more →