About 20 years ago when I was in college, I was on a bunch of email mailing lists (they were groups where people on the list got emails and sent them to each other). One night around midnight I was checking my email and saw an email on one of those lists from someone (a stranger) who said she was about to kill herself. She was sitting there with a bottle of pills. She had some issues in her life that were really hard, including the death of her best friend. I wrote to her, and gave her my phone number, asking her to call me. About 5 minutes later she did. She lived somewhere in the Midwest, and I was in NJ. We talked a bit, but back then long distance calls were very expensive, so she said she couldn’t afford the call. I was just a poor college student myself, without much money, but I told her I’d call her back so I would get the charges. I didn’t know how I was going to get the money to pay for the call, but I did it anyway. I ended up talking to her for 8 hours. All the way up until 9 am when I had to go to class. She got rid of the pills while we were talking. So she did not commit suicide. read more →

I took a guy to hospital 70 miles away last Monday, he was a friend of my late father in law. He has no one. He had a nose bleed that wouldn’t stop. Had to go to two hospitals in the city before they would see to him. Spent whole day in hospital, then drove home. He bought me my dinner at a local hotel as a thank you, though he didn’t need too. I was delighted to be able to help him. – Brian

This is the most incredible thing someone has done for me!

I am always posting about kindness and helping others. I try to teach my son and we do things often to help him understand the importance of helping others. read more →

I worked with a guy who was really grumpy and would go home sick (a lot), if he had to do something on the second floor (it was an old time telephone switching office).

Finally, out of desperation to get something done, I wrote a note to his boss telling him how hard working, helpful and knowledgeable this guy was. The boss showed it to him. After that he became absolutely professional, helpful and even friendly. It was a miraculous change. read more →

Right place to help.
One day I was in Newton Center, MA at just the moment a young woman, carrying a not to tightly bound sheaf of dollar bills, was pushed by the wind and somehow let go of them. No doubt she was en route to the local bank to make a deposit for a local business. I was the only one there to see this and the bills were flying everywhere, like so many birds in flight. read more →