My daughter, Steph, died in November (26 years, sudden adult death) breaking all our hearts. Her devastated Grandma went to my daughter’s favourite bath product shop to buy (to put in her coffin) a gift for Steph’s upcoming birthday. She explained this to the girl who served her. This lovely young lady then spent a lot of time helping her put some items together and wrapped them all beautifully. When they took them to the till this lovely young woman asked if she could pay for them. Her sweet kindness and generous act of respect shone light into a very dark time. Bless her heart. There is such kindness out there.- Gill

As a single mom, it was always difficult to provide the basics for my kids. We lived in a very small mountain community where everyone knew each other. read more →

I got my hair cut today and as I was driving back, sitting at a red light, I thought about what a friend had recently said to me. I told myself I’m going to write a note and tomorrow go to one of these guys that sells newspapers on the corner (unless I see someone else) and give them the note and $5. read more →

I find out every day how many kind people there still are. When I shop in any market that is too large to walk, I use a motorized cart because I have trouble walking, losing my balance. However, so many people in that market, anyone of them, ask me if I need help. I am so grateful for these great people.

When I retire for the night I ask God if he saw how these people treated me, and would he Bless them for their kindness. And I thank him for being there for me.  read more →

An act of KINDNESS can turn a crappy day.
About 18 years ago, I was a property manager and had a tenant who was going through a rough time. I was dirt poor, but random acts don’t have to be costly. I secretly left little angel items for her to find on or in her car (if the window happened to be open). Items like note cards, inspirational wallet cards, bookmarks or trinkets. I found out later that she was convinced that a guardian angel was leaving them. This is the first time I have ever said anything about it, I didn’t even tell my husband what I was up to. I think I got as much enjoyment out of it as she did. It was fun coming up with what to leave for her and trying to not get caught leaving them.

Random acts bless everyone involved and even those who hear about them because it restores hope in human race. – Terri 🙂

About a month ago I was waiting for a bus that was taking quite a while. The place where I was waiting is a terminal for many buses and also a train that facilitates the access to the buses.

As I was waiting I saw a car pull up far from the train entrance. What I saw was not at all nice. read more →

A few months ago, I received a box in the mail, it was a 3 carat diamond ring with a letter, it said, Barbara I know you from Facebook, I know the money problems your daughter who has MS is having and caring for you, please sell this ring, I am enclosing the apprasial, it was for over $45,000.00. I gave this to Missy and she called the woman and told her we could not accept her kindness and Missy sent the ring back to her, it was a kind kind gesture that Missy just could not take. There are wonderful people in the world who just want to help. Bless their hearts, bless their hearts! – Barbara Taylor Vaughan/AUTHOR

On Monday I went to the grocery store. There was an older woman, appeared to be in her 80’s looking at peppers. I went to get one and she started complaining to me. The prices are too high, they don’t look good etc. etc. etc. I have run into this situation before, where someone complains about something. Normally I would have just said something politely and walked away quickly. This time I stayed and listened while nodding my head politely. read more →

I mailed a $25 restaurant gift card to a long time friend and single mom who recently got out of jail and is looking for a job in another state. I am going to send her a card once a week with a small gift instead of eating out and splurging on something when she needs essentials and needs to feed her teenage son.

I also pay for coffee a lot to someone behind in the Starbucks drive thru!

Love to pay it forward! God Bless! – Ginny

My daughter lives in Vegas and sees so many homeless and even volunteered on Thanksgiving at the Rescue Mission and took them razors and deodorant, and canned goods. She has someone ask her every day for money and sometimes she gives away her last dollar, but it makes her feel good to help out, and I am extremely proud of her for doing what she does. When I was out there, I was shocked at how many are living on the side of the freeways. It broke my heart, so I know it breaks hers every day. God Bless all who help them out. – Denise