My daughter, Steph, died in November (26 years, sudden adult death) breaking all our hearts. Her devastated Grandma went to my daughter’s favourite bath product shop to buy (to put in her coffin) a gift for Steph’s upcoming birthday. She explained this to the girl who served her. This lovely young lady then spent a lot of time helping her put some items together and wrapped them all beautifully. When they took them to the till this lovely young woman asked if she could pay for them. Her sweet kindness and generous act of respect shone light into a very dark time. Bless her heart. There is such kindness out there.- Gill

I got my hair cut today and as I was driving back, sitting at a red light, I thought about what a friend had recently said to me. I told myself I’m going to write a note and tomorrow go to one of these guys that sells newspapers on the corner (unless I see someone else) and give them the note and $5. read more →

I helped a homeless man today and he said God bless you and I told him thank you and God loves you. read more →

I have always believed in the joy of giving and that simple acts of compassion are the core of our humanity. I like the idea of spreading love and hope through random acts of kindness, it fills my heart with joy to be able to serve others and share small gifts with loved ones.

Sometimes small things that we do for others seem insignificant but can make such a positive difference. It can create a real impact in the lives of others.

I never expected that I would one day be the recipient of an act of kindness like this one that I received from a stranger recently. read more →

What a gift to help.
I feel really blessed today to have been in a position to help a young mother. My own mother struggled financially to bring my brother and I up, and she paid for essential services such as gas and electricity for cooking, heating and light by way of a key that would have money placed onto it. Many a time that money would run out and we would go one or two days without those essential services. It was hard. read more →

What makes the world a better place.
I used to work for a printing company and when I’d walk through the plant to my office, I’d greet the “ink” lady. She had bottles of different colored inks behind her on the shelf. I told her she was lucky because she got to work with a rainbow every day.

One day during Thanksgiving week, she was not her typical happy self. I asked what was wrong. Her husband had lost his job and they were struggling. She wanted to be able to celebrate Thanksgiving with her kids and grandkids, but they were broke. read more →

My friend is in a nursing home I visit and I talk lots of the residents. There used one lady named Mary. She loved dolls and would go to yard sales to get her a doll.

Well every one wanted a doll after that, even a man wanted a bear. I got dolls and teddy bears and since then, every time I go with. Sometimes I have taken crosses I made and they loved them. I would say, take one and they would take two but I couldn’t tell them no. I don’t want any credit for this, I love doing it and it is more of a blessing for me than some in there. They never have anyone to come see them. – Barbara

I'm here for you.
I posted a prayer request in a small facebook group I’m in. My family was going through extreme financial hardships at that time, by the end of the day a woman I had never met and had not really conversed on the page with messaged me for my info. and wired me $50.00. After her, someone else sent $25. That put food on our table for a few days and some gas in the car.  read more →

I think the biggest most unbelievable act of kindness that saved us was when an acquaintance that we had known for years, but not well (their daughter was in preschool with our daughter). They knew we were struggling, had lost our business/home/cars etc. She walked up at the school open house and handed me an envelope. read more →