My eldest son was friends at secondary school with a boy who didn’t have any other friends. He was bullied a bit, so my son invited him into his group of friends, who were a bit sporty. This boy wasn’t sports inclined but joined in, and they came to an agreement that they would alternate sports and other things during lunchtime.   read more →

My son is 8 and this year we’ve committed to encouraging his physical pursuits as he leans more naturally to the arts. We signed him up to a local weekend sports club and at his first session we knew he was going to be one of those kids who enjoyed the events, but was not going to have the drive to win. We love seeing his smiling face and skipping when he runs his longer races and we’re proud of him.

Last weekend his age group had to run two laps of the oval with younger boys and our son was quickly found near the back of the pack, running, skipping & walking with his big smile. Hot on his heels were four of the little kids and he made sure he stayed pace with them.

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A kid that lives down the street from me stole my new car 2 months after I got it. He threw everything in the car away, including my granddaughters car seat and my daughters CD case that held 100 CD’s. He took the change, necklaces hanging from the mirror etc… At the time, he was on drugs. A very deep dark place to live.

My car was recovered 2 weeks later. Insurance paid for the repairs. At first I was really mad. Instant grudge. His mother said she was sorry for what he had done. We talked about his problem and it made me feel sorry for her and his family and mine. If anyone has ever lived with or known a drug addict it’s a very bad sickness. His mother kicked him out of the house after this happened and he got clean a couple months after. His mother lets him move back in. He saw my son and told him he wanted to tell me he was sorry, but he was scared. He told my son he would write me a letter but hasn’t done it yet. So I rethought about how I was feeling about him. read more →

The best time to pause and take a moment to
breathe is when life is most frantic!

– Lisa Currie

It began as any other ordinary day, but in the end I would never view M&Ms the same way again.

We had finished our hustle and bustle through the Saturday mall traffic and I was bagged. Two kiddies under 6 in toe always make for an eventful shopping adventure. I vaguely recall the days when I could whip into a store and purchase a dozen items in less than 10 minutes. Now getting a pack of gum takes a monumental amount of time, with all the bathroom stops, people gazing, and general ‘squirrel’ attention-span dilemmas.

Busting, or rather grunting, our way through the ever-shockingly heavy glass doors, I catch a glimpse of the car in the distance and a sense of freedom finds me. “If I can just get there and sit for a moment, I’ll be fine,” crosses my mind. I can tell Liam of 6 and Nathaniel of 4 are feelin’ it too, because the whining is just beginning to peak.

We make it, barely it seems, and the boys scramble up and in. I strap littlest man into the 5-point space seat and make my way to home plate behind the wheel. “Safe!” read more →

Don't judge my path.
I was in Walmart one day checking out and there was a crazy man causing trouble and threatening people. The store employees chased him out, but when I got outside, he was harassing an elderly woman. read more →

Pay Back Kindness.
My story of kindness is unique in that it involves many people and takes place over many years. It’s the story of a student of mine who I have seen grow into a fine young gentleman because of the kindness of others.

I first met Tony when he was five years old. He was enrolled as a kindergarten student in my special education classroom. His preschool teacher had already contacted me before his arrival and told me a lot about him. I knew that he was classified under a pervasive developmental disorder which meant that he showed a lot of characteristics typical of Autism. She shared with me all of his unique traits like how he often hid action figures in his pants, spoke by quoting movie lines and had a real aversion to anything academic. They really didn’t know what he was capable of because he hadn’t produced much up to that point. That would soon change. read more →

Late in the fall, a 3rd grade boy started riding my school bus. He was loud, he was fresh mouthed, he jumped in the seat, over the seats, his hands were never where they belong, other kids complained about him with good reason. I naturally had to write him up.

The first time, the mother met me on the road crying. There were more write-ups to come and one day she met me at the road and said that maybe they should go back to car riders. I told her that if they would work with him at home, I would put his assigned seat near me and maybe he would get better. read more →

Caring Gesture.
One of the teaching staff from school, informed me that my eight year old son approached a fellow student, who was looking very sad sitting by himself. 

Apparently, he then struck-up a conversation with that boy, after which my son grabbed his lunch and came back to have lunch with his new friend.  read more →

The funny things kids say....
A few years ago I had stopped for milk at the local corner store bringing with me my friend’s two year old boy who I’d babysit. As I was at the checkout paying, a couple of young teenage boys entered the store. I paid and left the store, buckled in the toddler and as I went round my car, saw that one of the two teens had dropped his wallet as he had stepped out of the car (passenger side), so I quickly picked it up and took it inside to find them and went to him and said ‘I think this belongs to you?’ Oh the look of relief on his face as he checked his pocket realizing it was empty was priceless! He said ‘thanks’ and I quickly left.  read more →

I was at the gas station getting some gas and noticed a young boy looking in all the trash barrels and taking out cans. He looked like he and his family did not have much money, and it seemed like he was collecting the cans to get the deposit money for food or some other necessity. read more →

My nephew’s birthday party was held in a big park on the weekend. My boys, 12 and 14, were the eldest kids there and took it upon themselves to look after their cousins and the other kids, the eldest being my nephew at the ripe old age of 6.

They spent hours running around with them, pushing them on their bikes, helping them with their food and watching them on the playground. read more →

I was feeling a bit sad whilst I was out shopping, but when I heard a little boy behind me say to his mom that he wanted to go to the toy aisle, I thought this was a chance to cheer myself up. So I got there ahead of them and left 50 cents (all I had was big bills and change was all I had to share otherwise) in the boys section of the store. I quickly walked away not even knowing if the boy would see it or not. A few aisles away, I heard a boy’s voice (don’t know if it was the same boy) yell excitedly, “MOMMY! MOMMY LOOK! I FOUND MONEY!” He was so excited you’d think I would have left a big bill. This made me happy and made me feel good for the rest of the day.
– Cindy 🙂