Last year in May of 2016, our friend and former classmate was brushing his teeth when he felt a lump on his neck. He was 11 at the time and just about to finish the 5th grade when he was diagnosed with Stage 1 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. We couldn’t believe that someone so young, active and healthy could have cancer. read more →

Together we have it all.
When my grandpa was one, his mother died and his father couldn’t cope with 5 children so he put them into a home. My grandpa was too young, so he lived with the neighbours until they couldn’t care for him anymore and he also went into a home, but a different home. They were all made wards of the state.

He grew up not knowing any of his family. My mum and aunties tried doing searches when he was in his early 70s but had no luck. He didn’t want them looking because he thought if his brothers and sister never looked for him, it meant they hated him and he was the reason they got put into homes. read more →

Karma, do something good..
The following story is proof what goes around comes around.

I was at the book fair with my son. We were behind two brothers waiting to be checked out. They each had two books. read more →