So, I got pulled over this morning. I knew it was coming after all my plates expired in October. My addicted daughter had decided that the cash I had to pay the rent was hers so I had to scrape together what I could to pay. (I truly hate that my landlord insists on cash), so I couldn’t renew my registration. read more →

I was without a car for a couple years. My husband and I are getting older and sickly and I haven’t been able to work so I’d drive his big work van when I needed to go to town. read more →

Two years ago, my partner was having some heart problems and was in the hospital. Her birthday was coming up and her son had bought her a car as a present but she didn’t know anything about it. read more →

So I’ve had to work through my lunches and stay significantly late after work for 3 days now. I get out of work 45 minutes late tonight and when I arrive at the gate to leave the parking garage, somebody is already waiting there. read more →

I was sitting at a traffic light when my car battery went flat. Suddenly a young man came to me and said “get in and step on the accelerator and do not stop to say thank you. Once I push the car you need to start it”. I did what he told me to do except that I waived frantically to thank him.

A few months down the line, I met another stranger whose car ran out of petrol and I stopped to help by driving him to the petrol station and then driving him back to his car. He thanked me and offered to pay me, but I told him “no you don’t have to as I was the recipient of kindness and all I ask is that you pass on this good deed to someone in need”. And with that, I said goodbye. – Siat 🙂

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My partner Scott said goodbye to our Manchester Terrier. We lost her to lymphoma – The Wick was her name, and she was our first baby. She really was perfect. Shortly afterwards, we finally became pregnant on our fifth and final IVF cycle.

Six months pregnant by September, friends offered us a place to stay for one week in San Maarten, an island in the Carribean. It would be our last vacation for a while. We weren’t into traveling without our baby after the birth – we had waited so long for this baby and knew we would be the sort of parents who couldn’t leave her with others while we vacationed. Like the Wick – where we went, she went. Where we go, baby would go. read more →

What makes the world a better place.
I was at the counter in a convenience store paying as two young girls (probably 7 and 9) came in and told the guy behind the counter they didn’t have any money, they were hungry, can they have a lil something off the shelf. He said of course and they each got a bag of chips, said thank you and went to the car waiting in the parking lot.

Having lived in my car myself, I could tell this family of four was living in their vehicle. Mom was very stressed and in tears, dad behind the wheel probably trying to save gas just sitting there. read more →

One year at Christmas my husband and I dropped one of our cars off for service and headed out to shop. Earlier in the week I had contacted the local elementary school to see if there was a child in need. I was told about a little boy who didn’t even have socks to wear with his shoes in the winter. We shopped for our children and spent a little over $150 on the little boy. read more →

A person is a person.
My young boys and I were shopping recently and noticed a scruffy fellow pacing the isles counting coins in his hands and picking up items and putting them back. He was in total despair. read more →

Love and KindnessI look back over my life and see so many acts of kindness I have been blessed to receive. One sticks out especially due to recent events. Let me lead this with the fact that the City of Miami gets a bad reputation way too often.

I had just moved to Miami and was on the 826 going home from work and got a flat tire. I went to get the spare tire but noticed the jack and tire iron were missing. I had forgotten to put them back after some repairs I did at home. I didn’t have a cell, so I started walking to the toll gate, hoping to use a phone to call a friend, when a car pulled over. I was surprised when a very sweet woman offered me a ride. read more →

Give someone a reason to smile.
My son helps me place zip lock bags under car windshield wipers. In them, they have a smiley rock & poem, book mark and a blank home made card with a blank, stamped envelope to encourage the recipient to send someone some postal message.

One day, it was raining but we put the zip lock in it’s place all the same and I went into the shop. My son was beside the car to witness that the lady was rather short and didn’t see the package, put her wipers on and the lot disappeared under the bonnet. We only hope it wasn’t too damaged & will be retrieved on the next vehicle service.  – Caron 😉

I work an hour from home and one day on my lunch break, my car decided to make a crazyyyy noice… a loud, screeching sound. Panicked, what was I to do, I call my husband of course. I knew he could fix this problem if I let him hear it over the phone LMAOO…. I guess I sounded nervous of the thought that I would have to drive home for an hour with intermittent cell service and if I break down, what was I going to do. read more →