On my way to work each day, I cross a park where there is a homeless man that has become a fixture of that spot. He is always there with his “I am a homeless Vet” sign. read more →

A couple of days ago, I received a text from a woman named Gloria who was a wonderful aide/caregiver for my 15-year-old son who has Autism, anxiety disorder and very challenging behavioral issues! She works at a children’s residency/school that my son was attending and living at for a little over two years, a while back! I want to share with you a little about her story before I share the message I received from her.

Here is a woman, Gloria, who does not know my son or my family. She realized that in order to get my son the professional help and support that he needed, we’d had to put him in a placement a little over an hour away from our home. She quickly learned about what we as a family had to deal with, the emotional agony of having a son so far away, but she always assured me that she would be like his “second mom” and give him all of the love and support when I wasn’t there with him. read more →

Care to make a difference.
I was working in a hospice 25 years ago.

This particular night, we were full – 12 patients with just me and one other nurse on night duty. Around 10pm, I was trying to get the night time medications dispensed so people could get pain relief and start to think about sleeping. read more →

Enrich lives by giving.
This is so fitting from my wonderful friend. Not only is she a wonderful women but she is also an inspiration to all.

Herself and her husband have always put others before them. They’ve dedicated their lives to helping others taking on children that had no prospects and teaching them independence and responsibility to have a successful future not only did they do this but they did it for free providing these practically homeless children a place to live on their farm. read more →