My sister-in-law used her miles to get me a hotel room the night before an early am flight. She arranged a shuttle service to pick me up and bring me home (an hour away from the airport). All of this to bring me to Hawaii to celebrate my brothers 70th birthday and meet my newborn great nephew. Talk about kindness! Knowing I am on restricted foods, she even asked for a shopping list. A hell of a two-week stay! Aloha. – Carol

I know a young lady in year 10 this year who wasn’t planning on going to the year 10 debutante ball. Instead, she was focused on her year 12 graduation as her parents were paying for it and she would not have to stress.

At the start of this year, she noticed a friend of hers being bullied and that no one else wanted to hang around with him. He confided in her that he wanted to go to the Deb ball but that no one would ever ask him (the girls have to ask the boys). read more →

As a waitress, I meet every kind of person, in every kind of situation. Valentine’s day, being one of the busiest days in the food service industry, is certainly no exception. read more →