To love and be loved is everything.

A friend of mine has not been to see me in a long time, not since I had my fifth child and so I have been monitoring her through the ever so stalker-like Facebook. read more →

I was 39 weeks pregnant and my daughter was stillborn. I was devastated and in shock having gone from eagerly anticipating the birth of my child to trying to cope with her death. read more →

When my friend’s 7- year-old daughter was diagnosed with cancer, I arranged (only by the grace of God) for her to go to a concert of her favorite singer. She also met the singer and had backstage passes!!! The squeal of excitement from her when her mommy told her what the plans were… oh my gosh, I’ve never felt that feeling before! Soooo many emotions bubbled up inside me. It was such a huge blessing!!! – Marissa

I was getting a bus recently and the driver asked if I was a child or an adult. The difference in the fare is about €2, and I could have probably passed as a child, but I decided to tell the truth and say I was an adult. The bus driver smiled and said that I was very honest and that as a reward for that he would only charge me the child fare. It was only a small thing but it really brightened up my day. – Carolina 🙂

I was hanging out in a local shop today that sells snack foods and fresh veggies etc. It is next door to an after-school kids program that continues through the summer.

A young girl around 9 or 10 came over to get a frozen fruit popsicle. She did not have enough money to get one today so I told her I was going to buy one for her. Her eyes got all big and she said “really, you would do that?” and I assured her I was going to buy her one and she looked at the store owner who told her I was serious. She then looked down at all the flavor choices, told me thank you, then gave me a big hug and chose her flavor.

I don’t think a complete stranger has ever done anything like that for her. I’m still smiling many hours later from the big smile I got from her. – Kim  😉

A kid that lives down the street from me stole my new car 2 months after I got it. He threw everything in the car away, including my granddaughters car seat and my daughters CD case that held 100 CD’s. He took the change, necklaces hanging from the mirror etc… At the time, he was on drugs. A very deep dark place to live.

My car was recovered 2 weeks later. Insurance paid for the repairs. At first I was really mad. Instant grudge. His mother said she was sorry for what he had done. We talked about his problem and it made me feel sorry for her and his family and mine. If anyone has ever lived with or known a drug addict it’s a very bad sickness. His mother kicked him out of the house after this happened and he got clean a couple months after. His mother lets him move back in. He saw my son and told him he wanted to tell me he was sorry, but he was scared. He told my son he would write me a letter but hasn’t done it yet. So I rethought about how I was feeling about him. read more →

There’s nothing more precious than the bond between a father and his little girl. I found this absolutely gorgeous video on The Breast Cancer Site. It’s one of those beautiful, feel good moments that will put a smile on your face for hours. Imagine having such a beautiful memory captured on film!

I stopped at a local gas station to refill my cup with ice from the drink area. There was a man and his wife in Muslim dress. I could care less about that, but I was staring because they were both just very beautiful people.

I was in line behind them and they were short less than a dollar for the drinks and milk they got. Without thinking, I handed over $1 because they were going to put the milk for their child back. The man said he saw me staring and was upset with me. I apologized because I was not staring to be rude, but told him I thought they were every beautiful. He told me he forgave me and thanked me for my kindness and would stop to think next time that maybe people did not all stare to be rude. read more →

Reach out.
My two year old boy was throwing the biggest tantrum ever while in the shopping centre because I had been taking time to add up the cost of everything on the list (wasn’t sure if I had enough money). read more →

Unconditional kindness P.
I was at the supermarket with my seven year old checking out. An older man was in front of us clearly struggling to work his food card. Once he got it to work, the cashier said “Sir, you don’t have enough money for the transaction.” The man didn’t understand what was going on.

I said “whatever is left of the bill, I’ll take care of it.” She looked at me in disbelief. She asked the older man to please swipe his card again to use the remaining money on it. read more →

Kindness touches.
A few weeks ago I stopped in Goodwill for my weekly “treasure” hunt. It was a rare occasion that I actually had cash in my purse. As I was going through the children’s books close to the back hall where the bathrooms are, I could hear a man softly talking and sobbing. He was telling the person, I don’t know what to do! I only have about a hours worth of minutes on this phone and I need about $20 more to make it to Nashville. I heard him say he was so scared and didn’t know what to do. read more →

A few weeks after we launched Ripple Kindness Project’s Kindness Curriculum, I was approached by a year 5 boy who had been part of the audience at the special assembly held at his school. read more →