Michael and I were married for 41 beautiful, adventurous years. In that time we created a loving family and a foundation that I could not be more proud of. It all started in room 238 of a hospital in Miami. Michael was a pediatrician, I was a nurse, and we were both natural caregivers who would do anything for our patients. We fell in love with each other and our matching dedication to helping sick children. We soon married in 1975 and had two children. However, there were multiple complications during the pregnancies and it wasn’t going to be possible to create the large family we wanted naturally, so we adopted our third child, Darlene, in 1986. Darlene wasn’t just any child. She was a tiny, cute little baby who happened to have Down syndrome, a severe mental handicap, and we later learned was nonverbal and legally deaf. read more →

I was waiting for a bus outside a shopping centre and overheard a few teenage boys talking excitedly. At first, I thought they were boasting about picking on an intellectually disabled man and felt sick. But on listening closer, I realised they had helped the man. read more →

I’m a 36-year-old adult male with learning disabilities and mental health disorders.

Eight years ago my family was forced to move from their home where my three siblings and I grew up due to a home foreclosure. read more →

When we moved here to our first house 10 years ago, there was a young man with obvious physical and mental challenges that lived on our street.

He loved bringing the mail down to each house every afternoon, but he’d just drop it by the garage or front door in the rain each time. You never knew where it would end up or how many important pieces blew away.  read more →

I found a woman in a wheelchair, stranded in an airport. Her companion had accidentally wandered beyond security and couldn’t get back to help her. Security would not assist either. read more →