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3 Easy Ways Morning Meetings Can Improve Wellbeing &Amp; Behavior
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3 Easy Ways Morning Meetings Can Improve Wellbeing & Behavior

Daily morning meetings are fabulous for helping kids who are feeling anxious or isolated due to lengthy lockdowns and changes to their routine. As we settle into a new way of life with COVID-19, some students have gone back to school but for those who are still distance learning, virtual morning meetings or classroom circles…

Character Building & Wellbeing Resources For Back To School Distance Learning
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Character Building & Wellbeing Resources for Back to School Distance Learning

Teaching and learning has undergone some significant changes since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Students and teachers are adapting to a new norm in education that looks different between countries and possibly even states depending on the severity of the virus.  For many, distance learning is their reality as they go back to school online,…

5 Creative Distance Learning And Online Kindness Activities For Kids
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5 Creative Distance Learning and Online Kindness Activities for Kids

Teaching character traits online isn’t something we’re used to but there are many kindness activities for kids that can be used during distance learning sessions. Teachers all over the globe have had to come to terms with a new way of teaching since many had to work with their students online during COVID-19. The term distance…