Someone I know was put in a hospice because she was very sick. She had a blood disorder and doctors didn’t think she would make it. This place would make its residents cook their own food but the staff brought meds. She was so sick she couldn’t even get out of bed. read more →

In the dark, scary hour that left me with a total-loss vehicle, numerous physical injuries and a broken spirit, my friend Margaret came to the rescue. Her superpower is compassion and caring. She lent my husband a vehicle so he could take the kids to the orchestra. She brought over dinner and reading material to keep me comfortable. She checked on me every day and she even offered to wash my hair.

That was huge because the collision was on Thursday afternoon and by Sunday, I desperately needed it. I’d lost my mobility, and she offered to wash my hair.

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I was taking my grandfather in for a procedure at his doctor’s office. When we arrived, there was an older lady in a wheelchair who had obviously had a fall and a younger man standing close by, watching over her.  read more →

My day started out great, everything planned in advance – but it quickly went downhill.

I dropped off two dogs to get spayed at 7:30, I planned to go to college to drop off my daughter’s paperwork, sign my lease agreement on new home, get my new license plate for my truck, go into the office for a couple of hours, and pick up my dogs at 3:00 pm. Everything went well until about 9:00. read more →

The Cab Ride.
There was a time in my life twenty years ago when I was driving a cab for a living. It was a cowboy’s life, a gamblers life, a life for someone who wanted no boss, constant movement, and the thrill of a dice roll every time a new passenger got into the cab.

What I didn’t count on when I took the job was that it was also a ministry. Because I drove the night shift, the car became a rolling confessional. Passengers would climb in, sit behind me in total darkness and anonymity, and tell me of their lives. read more →

Ripples of kindness.
My co-worker told me a story about her doctor’s office visit. She was waiting to be seen by her physician when she struck up a conversation with a young man. She related to him and had sympathy for him as he had just lost his job and wasn’t going to be able to afford his prescriptions.

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My story.
In 2008 my daughter and I had to go out of town for a doctor’s appointment. We were up before the birds and on a bus before the sun was up. I had been so worried we would miss the bus I didn’t even bother with coffee that morning. When we entered the building that housed the doctor I was seeing, the most wonderful aroma met us, mmmm coffee. I approached the kiosk and was told in a short snapping impatient tone the coffee wasn’t ready!! read more →