16 Free Kindness Day Resources To Teach Kids To Give
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16 Free Kindness Day Resources to Teach Kids to Give

If you’re wondering how to teach kindness in your classroom, you have a wonderful opportunity to start teaching students to be kind during Kindness Day. Read on to find out how easy it can be. While researching kindness many years ago, I came across the work of Maurice J. Elias, a Professor of Psychology. His view…

The Teddy Stoddard Story – Read By Dr. Wayne Dyer

The Teddy Stoddard Story – Read by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Though this is a fictional story, The Teddy Stoddard Story (also known as the Teddy Stallard story) is one I believe every new and existing teacher should hear. I heard Dr. Wayne Dyer tell it many years ago and its powerful message touched me so deeply. When I recently met a young lady studying to be…

3 Easy Ways Morning Meetings Can Improve Wellbeing &Amp; Behavior
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3 Easy Ways Morning Meetings Can Improve Wellbeing & Behavior

Daily morning meetings are fabulous for helping kids who are feeling anxious or isolated due to lengthy lockdowns and changes to their routine. As we settle into a new way of life with COVID-19, some students have gone back to school but for those who are still distance learning, virtual morning meetings or classroom circles…

Free Random Acts Of Kindness Day Jigsaw Puzzle & Printables
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Free Random Acts of Kindness Day Jigsaw Puzzle & Printables

Are you ready for Random Acts of Kindness Day on 17 February? We’re excited to provide you with some kindness activities for students learning at home and in the classroom. And the best part is that they’re all FREE!!Instant downloads:FREE Digital Jigsaw PuzzleFREE Kindness Coloring PagesFREE Kindness ChecklistFREE Kindness Ideas Poster 1. Digital Jigsaw PuzzleOur…

3 Ways To Teach Kindness To Reduce Bullying Going Back To School
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3 Ways to Teach Kindness to Reduce Bullying Going Back to School

If you have a problem with anti-social or bullying behavior in your classroom, I urge you to consider making kindness a part of your back-to-school curriculum. When you teach kindness, or more specifically, social-emotional learning (SEL), you’ll improve wellbeing, self-esteem, mental health, social connection, and academic results. These are just a few of the benefits…

10 Week Kindness Challenge For Kids – Week 9
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10 Week Kindness Challenge for Kids – Week 9

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as planting a seed, watching it pop through the earth and grow into a beautiful plant. When you make that seed a vegetable, you’re also creating a range of learning opportunities for your kids.  Who would have thought that a humble carrot, pea or pumpkin could bring so much joy and…

Buying perfume

My 94-year-old friend was in a pharmacy buying perfume. As she chose a bottle and put it in her trolley she made a couple of casual remarks about it to a young man who was shopping nearby. Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Reddit Facebook Messenger Email Share

10 Week Kindness Challenge For Kids – Week 7
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10 Week Kindness Challenge for Kids – Week 7

The COVID crisis has left many grandparents feeling very isolated and vulnerable. Some are suffering terribly, missing their family and friends. The elderly are often not up with technology and may not be able to connect via a video call but they’d all appreciate hearing the voices of their loved one. Get your kids to make a…

Character Building & Wellbeing Resources For Back To School Distance Learning
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Character Building & Wellbeing Resources for Back to School Distance Learning

Teaching and learning has undergone some significant changes since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Students and teachers are adapting to a new norm in education that looks different between countries and possibly even states depending on the severity of the virus.  For many, distance learning is their reality as they go back to school online,…

10 Week Kindness Challenge For Kids – Week 6
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10 Week Kindness Challenge for Kids – Week 6

If you’ve been following our challenge, you might have noticed that the week 1 challenge was to Give a Compliment. So why are we posting another compliment challenge? Because compliments are important and kids need to practise… Giving a compliment is a really nice way to let someone know they’re important to you and receiving one…

10 Week Kindness Challenge For Kids – Week 5
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10 Week Kindness Challenge for Kids – Week 5

Imagine having a crappy day and walking into the bathroom to find a caring note on the mirror. You’d probably be quite surprised to see it there but also experience a warm glow inside that would make you smile! When children write their positive post it notes, ask them to think about the nice things people…