When my friend’s 7- year-old daughter was diagnosed with cancer, I arranged (only by the grace of God) for her to go to a concert of her favorite singer. She also met the singer and had backstage passes!!! The squeal of excitement from her when her mommy told her what the plans were… oh my gosh, I’ve never felt that feeling before! Soooo many emotions bubbled up inside me. It was such a huge blessing!!! – Marissa

I was feeling a bit sad whilst I was out shopping, but when I heard a little boy behind me say to his mom that he wanted to go to the toy aisle, I thought this was a chance to cheer myself up. So I got there ahead of them and left 50 cents (all I had was big bills and change was all I had to share otherwise) in the boys section of the store. I quickly walked away not even knowing if the boy would see it or not. A few aisles away, I heard a boy’s voice (don’t know if it was the same boy) yell excitedly, “MOMMY! MOMMY LOOK! I FOUND MONEY!” He was so excited you’d think I would have left a big bill. This made me happy and made me feel good for the rest of the day.
– Cindy 🙂