When my friend’s 7- year-old daughter was diagnosed with cancer, I arranged (only by the grace of God) for her to go to a concert of her favorite singer. She also met the singer and had backstage passes!!! The squeal of excitement from her when her mommy told her what the plans were… oh my gosh, I’ve never felt that feeling before! Soooo many emotions bubbled up inside me. It was such a huge blessing!!! – Marissa

Our minister was given a scholarship to UK for a year. His family was frantically saving every cent they could so they could go with him, so no birthdays or Mother’s Day. read more →

Well Operation Speedway Kindness had a chance to shine today…..

Once again I was in Speedway getting a soda and today brought a spur of the moment opportunity for me to help someone. This time it was me behind someone else!

I was in line and the lady in front of me was having some issue with her debit card. I felt so bad for her and once again, I was having a bad day at work (seems like I have been having a lot lately). read more →

I was in the grocery store the other day and there is a big brand coffee shop you have to walk by to get to the store. As I was walking past, I heard a lady saying her mother was ill and she wanted to take her a treat. She was counting coins to get to her $5.14 total. read more →

This past Christmas, I sent a bunch of Christmas cards to a nursing home I used to work at many years ago. I enclosed a note saying to give to the residence there that are lonely and needed some cheering up. I received a thank you card a week later saying the cards were much appreciated. It was such a good feeling. I plan on sending them some valentine’s day cards. – Camille 🙂

I just wanted to share something with you and to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a wonderful thing you promote… Kindness.

A while ago I ordered some of your adult kindness cards and popped them in my wallet for future use. Today I used my 1st cards (and now I wonder why I waited soooo long to use them). I made 2 elderly ladies cry with happiness.
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