As a single mom, it was always difficult to provide the basics for my kids. We lived in a very small mountain community where everyone knew each other. read more →

It was a sunny day. I was walking in one of the sectors more dangerous in Bogota, the Jimenez Avenue. There inhabit indigent people. They did not have covers, not even the basic needs such as a home for living, a dish with food, etc. Besides, their rights had been violated because the policemen were going for this avenue and they saw to the indigents lying down in the street and began to hit them. read more →

Launched on 15 July 2016, it’s been an exciting time as Nourish Network finds its feet and place in the local community.

Nourish is a volunteer-based, holistic outreach program developed to educate, empower and support parents and guardians finding it difficult to provide for their families.

Working with local schools in the Yarra Ranges (outer east of Melbourne), families are selected based on circumstances and their willingness to participate and eventually give back to their community.

A member-only program, Nourish partners with SecondBite and local businesses and organizations to provide a weekly allocation of fruit, vegetables, bread, eggs, recipes and nutritional information, wellbeing resources, friendship, and support.

As well as providing nourishment for their bodies, we also aim to help heal their souls by providing a place for respite where people can connect with others in similar situations and enjoy a variety of activities and therapies.

We used 2016 as a pilot year with a small group to gain insight into the social, emotional and financial struggles our members face so we are better able to provide for their needs. read more →

I was sitting in a beautiful cafe in Bali enjoying a delicious meal, ($7), one that would be luxury for many Balinese, when I noticed through the dark of the night, opposite, in the dirty doorway of a closed store, a Balinese woman lying on the ground with an adolescent girl and an infant draped over her, asleep. She was begging. Foreigners passed by her looking away – tens, twenties, thirties, maybe more. read more →

I was in the supermarket and a man approached me with just a few coins in his hand. We were both in the pet food aisle and I was buying food for my cats. I had noticed him looking at the prices and then looking at the coins in his hand and when he came up to me I knew what he needed. “Excuse me Miss, I have a cat at home but I don’t have enough money here to buy her some food. Would you have a couple of dollars spare?”

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Hard times.
A policeman pulled us over on the way home from the food pantry. My boyfriend had just lost his job and our plates had expired.

We pulled into the gas station to buy our kids a bottle of water to share and to eat their food pantry sandwiches with. We were hoping the officer didn’t run our plates, but he did, and pulled in front of our car and waited for my boyfriend to come out to give him a ticket.

We were so stressed (about to lose our house, etc.) that my boyfriend burst into tears and said; “oh come on, don’t do this to me right now man” and he explained our ordeal. read more →

While planning our wedding, my wife kept saying I was ordering too much food. I told her not to worry, people come to weddings to eat and drink. We invited 200 and I ordered food for 600. read more →

I'm here for you.
I posted a prayer request in a small facebook group I’m in. My family was going through extreme financial hardships at that time, by the end of the day a woman I had never met and had not really conversed on the page with messaged me for my info. and wired me $50.00. After her, someone else sent $25. That put food on our table for a few days and some gas in the car.  read more →

My nine year old and I stopped by a store to run some errands. There was a young man in a wheel chair asking for money. We decided to give him my son’s after school snack and some money. I asked him if he would like a blanket for his legs since it was very cold outside. He smiled and said yes. When we gave him the blanket (it was my son’s blanket that he used to stay warm in the car), he exclaimed “GOD IS GOOD!” We said goodbye and headed inside the store.

When we walked out about 30 minutes later, the young man was still there with the blanket over his legs. My son stopped me and asked me for a hug. I knew he couldn’t say what he was feeling, but I knew it was something good! Moments like these make my life wonderful, being able to teach my son kindness. – Aura 🙂

A reason for everything.
About a year and a half ago, I was on a city bus in Portland and an older man was carrying a plastic sack of groceries that broke as he was getting off the bus and cans of food rolled everywhere down the isle and out the door on to the ground. I had just left Trader Joe’s and purchased one of their reusable shopping bags. (I had no idea what I was going to do with it as I already had a few.) After helping the man pick up his groceries that were everywhere I gave him the bag and helped him load it up as his cans and boxes were stacked up on the curb. The feeling of being glad that I had listened to my urge and bought the bag so I could give it to a stranger in need was unsurpassable. – Sherli 🙂

I spent a Saturday with my 16 year old and her best friend making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, collected bags of chips, and filled the cooler with bottled water. My husband and I dropped the girls off at a concert and drove around the city looking for homeless people to give the food to. The looks on their faces and even the the tears in some of their eyes… there are no words to explain! One of the best  “date nights” ever! – Tracy ♥

I know a very kind man. He works every day as a handyman and makes just enough money to survive. I’ve taken him grocery shopping and he buys food for his cats and dog and bird food for his bird feeders. When I asked him what he ate he said that he cooked for his aging dog and ate some of her food.

When his sweet dog needed surgery he took out a plan at the vet’s office to pay out of his meager salary for what she needed. He took her to work in his van and walked her frequently having rigged a harness to hold her up. By this time she had an eye removed and had a stroke leaving her unable to walk unaided. He told me that when she stopped eating and enjoying her food and walks that that was when he would make the decision to have her placed in God’s hands. He told me that he felt blessed in his life and lucky to be surrounded by such love. Truly a Buddha walking in our midst. – Rose