My daughter, Steph, died in November (26 years, sudden adult death) breaking all our hearts. Her devastated Grandma went to my daughter’s favourite bath product shop to buy (to put in her coffin) a gift for Steph’s upcoming birthday. She explained this to the girl who served her. This lovely young lady then spent a lot of time helping her put some items together and wrapped them all beautifully. When they took them to the till this lovely young woman asked if she could pay for them. Her sweet kindness and generous act of respect shone light into a very dark time. Bless her heart. There is such kindness out there.- Gill

I was without a car for a couple years. My husband and I are getting older and sickly and I haven’t been able to work so I’d drive his big work van when I needed to go to town. read more →

Friendship, open your heart.
There was this very old man who walked miles collecting cans. One day I asked him if he wanted mine and he gave me his address. A few days later I dropped them off at his tiny rental. We got to talking and became friends and soon I was taking him to the recycling station because I had a truck and he had no vehicle.

In his little place, although very clean and organized, were piles of copper, marble, newspaper, etc. all of which he recycled for money by trash-picking. read more →

I know a young couple who got married in Vanuatu. I’ve always known them to be kind and generous and was excited to hear their lovely news. They contacted me one day to ask if I could help them collect stationery and sporting good as they wanted to take it with them to help the 160 students at Eratop school. So on top of trying to organize their wedding, they were also busy collecting so many donations that they were faced with the problem of how to get it all over. To their disbelief an extremely generous man who wished to remain anonymous, paid for a container so they could help the kids.- Lis

Just finished mowing my neighbours acres. Why? Because I felt generous and it felt good to do something unexpected. They will come home from their Christmas holidays to a mowed lawn. Now crossing my fingers the weather doesn’t heat up too much so it becomes a mission to do mine. I left them a Ripple Kindness Card in their letterbox so they’ll pay the kindness forward. I also gave a card to the servo lady who is going order her own. Then I left $1.00 in the coin return of the phone box with a Ripple card sitting on the top! Woo hoo kindness ripples. – Amanda