I looked at their grocery basket and could see it had the basics. Just what would get them by until payday. I recognized it after having been that way myself in my younger days. I remember the heartbreak of knowing my kids wanted an occasional treat we could not afford, so I told the clerk at Walmart to put her cart on my card. read more →

I’m a single 45 year old female who has no kids, 2 nephews, a handful of amazing friends and a love of random acts of kindness. I’m also the type of person who LOVES doing her Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve! I shop for everyone and I always manage to get the perfect gift. I battle the hordes of people, searching for gifts (hordes of people who probably need a little pick-me-up). read more →

Something wonderful happened to us thanks to various Facebook notice boards and we wanted to share our experience. read more →

Years ago my sister worked at the Royal Bank of Canada, Puerto Rico bank. A co-worker got hit very badly on his way home. His car was destroyed but he was in worse shape with broken bones and glass cuts all over his face and hands. He was young in his late twenties, just starting out. read more →

This is a double act of kindness.
My neighbour gave me the washing line out of his backyard because I didn’t have one in mine. He even dug the hole and cemented the washing line into the ground for me.

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I’d arranged to meet a new friend for a cuppa and chat. As luck would have it, we both pulled our cars into parking spaces outside the cafe at the same time. As we greeted one another, I commented on a rather unusual brooch she was wearing. Merryn told me that she’d admired it on someone and when she’d said how lovely it was, the lady had immediately taken it off and given it to her. She told me she was quite overwhelmed and surprised by such a lovely gesture.

We wandered into the cafe and up to the counter to place our order. The young girl serving us also noticed the brooch and expressed how much she liked it. Without thinking about it, my friend unclipped the brooch and gave it to our waitress. Her mouth fell open and she protested, but when she too heard the story of how Merryn had acquired it, she gratefully accepted and pinned it on her apron. By now I’m feeling rather chuffed and those feel good emotions were working their way through my system. read more →

A long time ago, back in high school, when it was Christmas time, my best friend at the time called me one day crying because they had no money for presents. Their electricity, gas and phone were always being shut off. She had two younger brothers and her mom (a single mom) had been crying because there was nothing for under the tree.   read more →

This year, I was blessed with a very large tax return. A woman that I’m close with (I consider her family) has lost 3 babies to a rare genetic disorder. Two were more recently in 2014 and 2015. read more →

About a year after my son passed, I was talking with an older gentleman about his good qualities. After a while, he asked what my son does now, so I told him he had passed, because of cancer. He teared up and left quickly. read more →

As a waitress, I meet every kind of person, in every kind of situation. Valentine’s day, being one of the busiest days in the food service industry, is certainly no exception. read more →

As the founder of Ripple Kindness Project, I’m keen to be actively involved in caring for my local community, so I’m a member of several committees designed to help improve lives or offer support to people who are struggling financially or emotionally. I’m also part of the “chaplaincy” or student well-being committee at my boy’s primary school (though they are both now in secondary) which has given me great insights into the daily struggles some families face.

Though Ripple has helped some school families at Christmas in the past, this year, I decided to put the word out to the community to widen the ripple and make it a much happier time for as many as possible.

The aim was to support the school Chaplain by providing gifts for his most vulnerable families and also help some friends who work with people experiencing homelessness or are at risk of ending up on the street by providing backpacks filled with essentials and Christmas treats. read more →

Recently, my cousin and his wife had a beautiful baby boy. Sadly when born, he was not well and required emergency surgery.

They are in a different country to me, and I wanted to help them but wasn’t sure what to do. I read that it is comforting to the parents of a baby in hospital to be able to dress their baby and give them something of their own. Unfortunately many babies in this situation can’t wear clothes due to tubes and monitors. So I found a pattern online from the Miracle Babies Foundation for a preemie hospital gown and set to making some. read more →