Launched on 15 July 2016, it’s been an exciting time as Nourish Network finds its feet and place in the local community.

Nourish is a volunteer-based, holistic outreach program developed to educate, empower and support parents and guardians finding it difficult to provide for their families.

Working with local schools in the Yarra Ranges (outer east of Melbourne), families are selected based on circumstances and their willingness to participate and eventually give back to their community.

A member-only program, Nourish partners with SecondBite and local businesses and organizations to provide a weekly allocation of fruit, vegetables, bread, eggs, recipes and nutritional information, wellbeing resources, friendship, and support.

As well as providing nourishment for their bodies, we also aim to help heal their souls by providing a place for respite where people can connect with others in similar situations and enjoy a variety of activities and therapies.

We used 2016 as a pilot year with a small group to gain insight into the social, emotional and financial struggles our members face so we are better able to provide for their needs. read more →

WayneI met an amazing man called Greg today.

He told me of the day 10 years ago that he’d been held up at gun point in his pizza store and lost his will to interact with his customers. He was so disappointed that this young man was so lost that he’d turned to crime and felt he’d lost the love, trust and faith he had in others.

Had this young man even thought about the affect his act of violence would have on Greg or his business? Did he realize how it would change Greg’s life? read more →