Megan5Anyone who knows us knows that random acts of kindness have always been our thing. We did what we could when we could. When my husband Scott died we really upped our game, trying to do a few times a month if not once a week, because at a time where we were at an all time low. RAOK were something that made us feel better. Then, about a month ago, I finally quit smoking. Which gave us an idea. read more →

In Assembly today, our new Principal spoke about the school motto of always doing your best, and being kind and helpful to everyone we meet. He spoke further about doing Acts of Kindness and how my son’s class in particular, had welcomed a new student into the grade so warmly and have gone out of their way to make sure she feels welcome and comfortable. read more →

I had a heart issue and no health insurance, a man in Tampa paid my bill for me. – Scott 👍

Awesome feeling today when I went to Asda (Walmart supermarket) and met a lady in a wheelchair scooter with her son.

I took out half an hour to say hello and listen to their stories of the new baby in the family and how excited they all were to be sharing Christmas together.

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We’ve been going through all the boxes out at the barn, finding all our treasures we thought were lost, and today I found our stars. ?

My kids each picked a color of paper and we cut out stars. Every time they did something kind or thoughtful they got to write it on a star and put it on the wall. Problem is, we ran out of wall space from having hundreds of stars! read more →