A nice lady paid for our lunch. We were totally blown away. She said we were a beautiful family. So, the next day, I was getting tires put on my van and an older lady from out of state who was traveling alone had a flat tire. We picked up her tab and she was very thankful. Pay it forward ♡♡♡ – Jaimie

I was going into a store at my local shopping center and as I was nearing the door, a young man approx 17-18 years old ran to open it for me for no reason other to be a gentleman. He was just walking by. What a nice boy. Raised right. – Lisa

I’m recovering from major surgery and could not attend my special needs daughter’s high school orientation. My friend made sure my daughter had an aide to attend with her. It was one less worry for me and the kindest thing anyone who done for me. – Cindy

The customers in front of me had several credit cards and debit cards. They were all declined so they decided to suspend their transaction. I offered to pay for their order. I received grateful hugs of surprise from the customers and heartfelt tears from two cashiers. – Cathy

My youngest likes to buy things and give her money to other kids. She recently went to the store and bought her sister a toy she thought she would like, just because. – Melissa 👏

Right before Christmas time I went to the movies with a friend and lost my wallet. I had $400 in cash to get new tires for my car along with my debit card and credit cards. When the theater opened the next day I drove there to get my wallet and everything was still there. It would have been easy for the person that found it to take the money but luckily I got it all back. I was so thankful. – Ashley 😀 read more →

My daughter had her bag stolen once about 2 years ago. It was found in a garbage bin outside the restaurant. The only thing missing was her wallet. Two nights later there was a knock on the front door. A middle aged man was standing there and he asked if my daughter lived at the address. I said that she did but that she was out. read more →