Reasons Why Happiness Is Important: Great Ideas For Happy Students
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Reasons Why Happiness Is Important: Great Ideas for Happy Students

The past few years have been quite a rollercoaster for me, especially dealing with my mum’s illness and her passing. It took a huge toll on my wellbeing and happiness. It’s been tough, to say the least, but it made me consider why happiness is important to me. I’d forgotten just how crucial it is to find and…

56 Kindness Tree Bulletin Board Ideas For A School Project
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56 Kindness Tree Bulletin Board Ideas for a School Project

A kindness tree activity is a fun and effective whole school project to build community!A kindness tree bulletin board is a beautiful and creative way to encourage and acknowledge acts of kindness within a classroom or school. As a whole school kindness challenge, it’s a heartwarming way to foster caring and supportive relationships amongst students…

The Secret Garden

At the end of a street is a driveway that winds upward leading to a parking lot with ten or so spots where I suppose people gather for their lunch breaks, a quick nap, a phone call, a smoke, etc. I stumbled upon this place with a view eight years ago. We were leasing a…

The Flower Girls

My name is Allison Comba, I am 21 years old and I created The Flower Girls Foundation with my little sister Rebecca after realizing what a strong effect Alzheimer’s disease has on individuals and on everyone around them. Our grandmother has been suffering from Alzheimer’s for years now and it is absolutely heartbreaking to see….