My daughter, Steph, died in November (26 years, sudden adult death) breaking all our hearts. Her devastated Grandma went to my daughter’s favourite bath product shop to buy (to put in her coffin) a gift for Steph’s upcoming birthday. She explained this to the girl who served her. This lovely young lady then spent a lot of time helping her put some items together and wrapped them all beautifully. When they took them to the till this lovely young woman asked if she could pay for them. Her sweet kindness and generous act of respect shone light into a very dark time. Bless her heart. There is such kindness out there.- Gill

I am writing a short message of love for my bua ji (aunty). She is elder sister to my father and her name is Gudi Kaul. She lives in Faridabad India and I love my bua ji so much. She is close to my heart and I want to share something with you. Bua ji is having a pacemaker in her heart. My heart cries a lot and I tell mamma and papa she is very special for us so I pray for her every day. read more →

I wanted to share an amazing experience we had in the past week.

My daughter attends a small private Lutheran Elementary School in Fort Wayne, IN. Last week, my daughter injured her heel and could not walk on it. After X-rays and a Dr visit, we arrived at school Tuesday morning in a wheelchair. For this small school community, to my knowledge, this was a new experience for the staff and students. read more →

Simple genuine goodness.
Back near the beginning of the year I was entrusted with honoring a 20 year old Air Force veteran who had committed suicide by journeying to scatter the ashes. My heart broke for his family. It still does.

I offered to take him to Mt Bachelor, Oregon. I thought I’d take the lift up, scatter his ashes and take the lift back down. Well, I found out that’s not allowed, even though my physical disability would be a big factor. Oops. I couldn’t back out! This family was risking way more than I was but, frankly, I had no idea how this was going to work since I have NEVER skied or snow boarded in my life and those were the only two ways down. read more →

Missing someone.
One precious Mother’s Day my beautiful niece, Louise Elizabeth wished me Happy Mother’s Day – she’d kept her Christmas cracker gift, a pink plastic heart.

Louise tied a pink string around it and tied it around my neck….

I explained to Louise that because I didn’t have children I don’t get wished or given Happy Mother’s Day’s gifts – Louise wrapped her darling little arms around me and squeezed me really tight and said that I was like her second mum and she loved me with All her Heart. read more →

A person is a person.
I am often moved to help homeless people I encounter. I’ll tell you about the most recent time.

I drove into the parking lot at a supermarket and saw an older gentleman sitting on a curb. Next to him was a shopping cart which contained everything he owned. It was a cold, drizzly day and I felt moved to do something for him. While I was in the store I stopped by the deli and purchased a nice hot meal for him. I was hoping that he would still be there as I headed to my car. He was. read more →

What a gift to help.
I feel really blessed today to have been in a position to help a young mother. My own mother struggled financially to bring my brother and I up, and she paid for essential services such as gas and electricity for cooking, heating and light by way of a key that would have money placed onto it. Many a time that money would run out and we would go one or two days without those essential services. It was hard. read more →

Enjoy the company of elderly people.
Meals on Wheels is an organization run here in Australia by administrators and volunteers. Volunteers cook the food and deliver it and I am one of the volunteers who deliver the food, either by using my car or taking the meal inside to the people.

It is like stepping back in time, when you go inside their homes. It is as if the world wide web and society is passing right on by, outside their door. One particular incident has stuck with me ever since I started. read more →

The key is to listen.
Not long after I started nursing, I befriended an elderly patient on our ward. I rarely looked after him, but seeing he didn’t often have visitors, I’d often pop in and chat with him during his 8 or so week stay with us.

He was a country man but would visit when in the city and became a dear family friend for nearly a decade until he passed in 2012. read more →

My twin boys were born at 28 weeks and quickly whisked away to the NICU.

After hours of worry and trying to rest, I was finally taken to see them. Even though they were covered in tubes and wires they were so beautiful, but the “magic” came when their father and I were given the choice of one of us holding one of our baby boys. read more →

When my daughter was little, we stopped at a house that had just caught on fire. When we got there the family was just coming out the house. I called 911 and sat with the family. My daughter realizing what was happening, went to the car and got her coat. I thought she was getting it for herself, but she went up to the child that was about her age and said here, put this on. read more →

Make everybody feel like a somebody.
Oxytocin, already dubbed the ‘cuddle hormone,’ may deserve a new moniker as the ‘kindness molecule.’

Scientists have known for more than 50 years that a hormone called oxytocin plays a critical role in stimulating uterine contractions during labor and delivery, and that afterward, it helps a nursing mother to release milk for her infant.

Men also produce oxytocin, it turns out, although at lower levels than women. Released during sexual arousal, it appears to promote feelings of contentment and attachment in both sexes, which accounts for one of its cuter nicknames: “the cuddle hormone.”

But these days, scientists know oxytocin does so much more. read more →