On my way to work each day, I cross a park where there is a homeless man that has become a fixture of that spot. He is always there with his “I am a homeless Vet” sign. read more →

I was on my way from rural SW France to London via Paris for a family catch up and had a suitcase full of clothes for the refugees in Calais which I was going to deliver in London (just to be transported back… I know, a long way round but it was the best we could do at the time). read more →

My 20th birthday did not start out very well. It was exam week at my university, so all of my friends were busy studying. I lived a 10-hour flight away from my family, so I felt upset and alone the entire morning. read more →

Last week I was visiting my father in the hospital. My dad has late-stage cancer and is dying. read more →

At a freeway off ramp stood a man with a shopping cart. He was painfully thin. In the child seat of the shopping cart was a cute dog with a flowered hat. He would walk back and forth asking for money and talking to the dog, and she would bark in response. read more →

Walking into a shopping centre, I saw an elderly gentleman asleep on a bench. It was a very cold day and I just happened to look down at his nice leather shoes to notice he wasn’t wearing any socks.

I continued on my way thinking about this man when I saw a sign out the front of Target that said 25% off explorer socks. What are the chances of that! I went in and bought 5 pairs so I knew his feet would at least stay warm and toasty for 5 days. read more →

I witnessed a young homeless man and his dog crossing the road during a red light. A guy in a big SUV became outraged and tried to make it look like he was going to hit him and did, in fact, come close to hitting the dog. The homeless man was definitely a little intoxicated. He started yelling at the SUV: “just come talk to me about it. I’m a human too.” He seemed about to cry. read more →

I was going into my local 7Eleven to purchase my daily cup of coffee.

I noticed a very skinny, sickly looking man in his 30’s squatting outside in the cold with a cane and I went over and started to chat with him. I first asked him if was he hungry and he replied yes, so I took him into 7Eleven. He obviously had some sort of neurological medical condition as I had to literally help him up and he was unsteady and very weak. read more →

I met a homeless man when I was in Maui and thought to myself, this could be someone I love and they needed help! So, I invited him to my nieces birthday party on the beach and gave him some clothes and money.

His name was Greg and he lived in a cave because he was getting beat up and had his things stolen in the shelter. He had amnesia and had no memory about his life at all!! read more →

My 8-year-old daughter and I were out to lunch this last Friday at Panda Express. We both had quite a bit of food and she wasn’t able to eat it all. I gave her a couple of options of either saving it for dinner, give it to her sister later or she could give to somebody who was hungry. Without hesitation, she went to ask for a box to go, came back and said “mommy, I want to give it to somebody who is hungry.” We had to run a couple errands, but we said the next person we saw holding a sign saying “please help” would be the receiver of this meal.

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I have two boys, 15 and 12, and I tell them every morning before they leave for school to Be THE ONE. Kind one, caring one, honest one, loyal one, the one who talks to the kids who may not have any friends, to hold doors open, to be compassionate and appreciative every day. We try and practice random acts of kindness whenever we can and are big believers in paying it forward. read more →

Most days on my way to work, I see this old black man walking his bike on the highway. Attached to the back is this child carrier (the ones you hook on to take your child for a ride). It looks as if he picks up thing off the road. He is never riding the bike but always walking fast on the side of the road, in the heat, in the winter and in the rain. read more →