Last Wednesday on my way to work while it was 19° and icy out, I saw a person under a blanket in the bus shelter. From the position of their head and hands, I was scared they may be frozen to death (though he was wearing purple gloves but his hands were becoming frostbitten). read more →

A waitress at our favorite restaurant was looking troubled one day. I asked what was the matter and she told me of her chronic shoulder and neck pain. I came home and mixed up a roller bottle of essential oils for muscle pain and dropped off one day asking her friend to give it to her next morning. Mother’s Day when hubby took me to breakfast, my waitress friend came over so thrilled that the oils helped relieve her pain! – Pat

I worked in Orlando and during my lunch break I would walk. One day I met this homeless man who was a Vet and lost both of legs below the knee. Someone would give him a ride every day and he would sit in his wheelchair with an old white painter’s bucket with a few roses in it. He had the most genuine smile and would greet the passers by with a sunny hello but unfortunately most would not even acknowledge that he even existed. He was the bright spot of my afternoon walk and he would just beam when he saw me coming. Most days I would buy a rose but on days when I couldn’t, it didn’t matter, he just wanted human contact like all of us. Being considerate and kind does not cost you anything but it could brighten someone’s day. – Debbie

My brother holds a sign “will work for food”. He is not homeless but mentally ill and gets very little money to live on. The meds they give him causes many side effects, swollen tongue, constant leg movement and paranoia, so he quit taking it and drinks to make himself black out so as not to have to deal with it. He is the kindest person. read more →