Someone I know was put in a hospice because she was very sick. She had a blood disorder and doctors didn’t think she would make it. This place would make its residents cook their own food but the staff brought meds. She was so sick she couldn’t even get out of bed. read more →

One evening I dropped my youngest off at cheerleading practice and went to fill the car. As I filled up my tank, another car pulled up next to my pump. The car was rather old and dirty and as I looked at the tired-looking young driver, I tried not to be judgemental. read more →

My 9-year-old found out about a little girl who needs to go to America to have a life-changing operation. My little girl asked the head teacher at school if she could have a stand at the school fair to sell loom bands. The head flat out refused so I went to the school and basically told the head I was disappointed that my 9-year-old can show more compassion and empathy towards a stranger then the school can! (The poor little girl’s brother attends the school). read more →

A small act of kindness.
My daughter is a Mini level all star cheerleader with Green Bay Fusion All Star Cheerleading in Green Bay, WI. In the last week of February we had a competition in Madison. Part of the fun of her competitions is that we get to travel and of course stay in a hotel and swim. Well swim we did, until my daughter got out of the pool and got sick everywhere on the pool deck. read more →

Kindness touches.
A few weeks ago I stopped in Goodwill for my weekly “treasure” hunt. It was a rare occasion that I actually had cash in my purse. As I was going through the children’s books close to the back hall where the bathrooms are, I could hear a man softly talking and sobbing. He was telling the person, I don’t know what to do! I only have about a hours worth of minutes on this phone and I need about $20 more to make it to Nashville. I heard him say he was so scared and didn’t know what to do. read more →

A few weeks after we launched Ripple Kindness Project’s Kindness Curriculum, I was approached by a year 5 boy who had been part of the audience at the special assembly held at his school. read more →

Last year I ran a fundraiser for a very ill little boy we’d never met who has stage 4 neuoblastoma. I held a musical concert, where my musician friends all performed for nothing, and we raised around $1500.00. The lady who runs Ripple, kindly donated some of these beautiful Ripple Kindness Cards, so I handed them out at the fundraiser and also put some on each table for everyone to share with other people. They all commented on how lovely the cards are and took some to give to others, so I would like to to say a huge thank you to Ripple Kindness… your kindness is very much appreciated. – Karen xxx

My brother holds a sign “will work for food”. He is not homeless but mentally ill and gets very little money to live on. The meds they give him causes many side effects, swollen tongue, constant leg movement and paranoia, so he quit taking it and drinks to make himself black out so as not to have to deal with it. He is the kindest person. read more →