I was diagnosed with stage 4 Follicular Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in May 2004. My youngest child was four at the time. 10 months later, my dad died, and 30 hours after my dad passed away, my husband died. The doctors gave me very little hope of raising my son. read more →

Recently I went for a walk around my local neighbourhood to enjoy a little fresh air and enjoy a spot of sunshine. During my walk, I came across a gorgeous little bucket filled with lemons hanging from a fence. ‘Help yourself’ was written on the bucket inviting anyone walking by to enjoy. Immediately I thought what a lovely thing to offer and share with the local community. I smiled broadly. read more →

Something wonderful happened to us thanks to various Facebook notice boards and we wanted to share our experience. read more →

Six months ago my three daughters and I fled our home after one disclosed years of abuse that she had secreted away. We left behind a home, a $90,000 a year income, and everything but the clothes on our backs and a vehicle. We found ourselves in a shelter, 50 miles from home, with a bit of change, our only income for the foreseeable future.  read more →

I’ve always said I may not be wealthy in financial terms, but I certainly am rich in friendships, and this story proves it.

Three years ago, I was working for an entity that let me go suddenly and that did not pay into unemployment compensation. Despite the success I was having on the job, despite the long hours I had worked each week over and above what was required of my position (I did it for the love of my work), I was summarily dismissed following an early morning assignment of entertaining International journalists to our pilgrimage site. (I was never given a reason why either!) read more →

I’m a single foster mom and up until last week had 3 siblings in my home for a year. I don’t have any biological children, so having 3 at once, was a huge change for me. But the kindness shown to be my friends and others who I met over this last year has blown me away. Whether it was offering up a beach cabin for a time for the kids and I to get away or carrying kids to and from baseball, volleyball, dancing, etc., to providing gift cards for us to get ice cream, to taking my son to his first Rockets game. Every time I thought I couldn’t do it, someone would step up and offer to help! The crazy part is I’m not one who generally asks for help (pride cometh before the fall and all), but this has taught me so much about my real need for others. read more →

I am just writing to thank you so much for the wonderful Christmas sack full of presents my family received.

It was thoughtfully put together. My children loved their presents and especially the cinema and pizza vouchers as this is a once a year treat for us.

I was not expecting any presents for me, I only received one present from a friend, so I was delightfully surprised to find well thought out gifts for me too!

Quilt read more →

I met a homeless man when I was in Maui and thought to myself, this could be someone I love and they needed help! So, I invited him to my nieces birthday party on the beach and gave him some clothes and money.

His name was Greg and he lived in a cave because he was getting beat up and had his things stolen in the shelter. He had amnesia and had no memory about his life at all!! read more →

There’s an older couple in the Palo Alto, CA area who have no idea that their gesture of paying for my daughter and her friend’s lunch is comforting a grieving community. read more →

We finally made it overseas after trying to get there for years. We arrived on Thursday but ended up in hospital on Saturday with a “rare” blood disorder. I’d had all my check ups prior to travel; saw the dentist, doctor, mammography, so this came out of the blue. read more →

No time is better spent than in service.
Last Thursday I had twenty minutes to get from Ogilvie Metra station to Union Station to catch an Amtrak train to Michigan, and I was pulling a large, heavy suitcase.

A homeless man overheard me asking the people standing with me at the stoplight whether I was heading in the right direction. While they were all speculating, his voice cut through the silence to confidently sent me the fastest route. I entered the first door I saw at Union Station, out of breath and looking at a long set of stairs to descend. A man who was also catching a train, offered to help me with my suitcase and carried the 40+ lbs case down the stairs and then went on his way. I got to my train with only a few minutes to spare. read more →

Ripples of kindness.
My co-worker told me a story about her doctor’s office visit. She was waiting to be seen by her physician when she struck up a conversation with a young man. She related to him and had sympathy for him as he had just lost his job and wasn’t going to be able to afford his prescriptions.

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