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How To Use Free Kindness Coloring Pages To Empower Students
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How to Use Free Kindness Coloring Pages to Empower Students

You see 3 free kindness coloring pages for your students. I see an incredibly powerful resource with countless ways to embed values and build a positive classroom community! Ah, the humble coloring page. Many teachers see them as a quick and easy brain break for their students or a fun filler activity for early finishers. The truth…

8 Easy Activities For Christmas Kindness In The Classroom
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8 Easy Activities for Christmas Kindness in the Classroom

Christmas is almost upon us… again! Though the end of year festivities brings a lot of excitement, it’s also a time when students may be tired and irritated. To keep them engaged and learning while waiting for their summer or winter break, involve them in some Christmas kindness activities. Kindness is the cornerstone of a thriving…

Fantastic Kindness Club Ideas With A Free Good Deeds Checklist
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Fantastic Kindness Club Ideas with a Free Good Deeds Checklist

Want to change the culture at your school? Then I have a treat for you with these 37 kindness club ideas for kids with an editable checklist to download! The benefits of teaching kindness at school are proven and so is being part of a group for a stronger sense of belonging. Coming together with others in…

6 Free Summer Printables – Kindness Activities For Kids
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6 Free Summer Printables – Kindness Activities for Kids

Everyone looks forward to summer, but it can be a time when kids don’t know what to do with themselves. You know how frustrating that can be!  Quick! You need some new summer vacation ideas to keep the kids happy before they drive you up the wall. Bonus, if they learn something valuable at the same…

Free Random Acts Of Kindness Day Jigsaw Puzzle & Printables
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Free Random Acts of Kindness Day Jigsaw Puzzle & Printables

Are you ready for Random Acts of Kindness Day on 17 February? We’re excited to provide you with some kindness activities for students learning at home and in the classroom. And the best part is that they’re all FREE!!Instant downloads:FREE Digital Jigsaw PuzzleFREE Kindness Coloring PagesFREE Kindness ChecklistFREE Kindness Ideas Poster 1. Digital Jigsaw PuzzleOur…

10 Week Kindness Challenge For Kids – Week 10
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10 Week Kindness Challenge for Kids – Week 10

Doing kind things for others isn’t just about improving someone else’s life, it’s actually good for our health. There’s evidence to prove that kindness can improve mental health, happiness and even prolong life. After 9 weeks of acts of kindness we conclude the challenge with a really fun, ding-dong ditch type activity. It’s a little bit…

10 Week Kindness Challenge For Kids – Week 9
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10 Week Kindness Challenge for Kids – Week 9

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as planting a seed, watching it pop through the earth and grow into a beautiful plant. When you make that seed a vegetable, you’re also creating a range of learning opportunities for your kids.  Who would have thought that a humble carrot, pea or pumpkin could bring so much joy and…

Buying perfume

My 94-year-old friend was in a pharmacy buying perfume. As she chose a bottle and put it in her trolley she made a couple of casual remarks about it to a young man who was shopping nearby. Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Reddit Facebook Messenger Email Share

10 Week Kindness Challenge For Kids – Week 2
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10 Week Kindness Challenge for Kids – Week 2

Most people in a household have daily or weekly chores of which others are often quite unaware of. They just seem to happen and no-one really notices. This act of kindness gets children to think about the tasks each person has and the impact it has on them and the family. The aim of doing a…

10 Week Kindness Challenge For Kids – Week 1
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10 Week Kindness Challenge for Kids – Week 1

Giving a compliment isn’t always something that comes naturally. Learning to do it helps kids to get outside of their own head to think about other people and their feelings. It helps them to reflect on positive attributes of people and makes the recipient of the compliment feel worthy, valued and loved. Writing compliments in a…