This inspirational video has a wonderful message to inspire children and help them see their worth. Show this video by Meir Kay to demonstrate to your children or students that no matter what happens in life, they are worthy and valuable members of society. read more →


It’s unknown who originally told this powerful story but it has been replicated over the years and there are now quite a few versions to be found on the net. Regardless of the variations, the story shares a powerful and motivational message. We enjoyed this video by Meir Kay and hope you share it with the significant people in your life. read more →

I witnessed a young homeless man and his dog crossing the road during a red light. A guy in a big SUV became outraged and tried to make it look like he was going to hit him and did, in fact, come close to hitting the dog. The homeless man was definitely a little intoxicated. He started yelling at the SUV: “just come talk to me about it. I’m a human too.” He seemed about to cry. read more →

I have a friend that told me she had looked at a bracelet that cost $300.00 and she just had to have it because it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

She said she saved to get it although she had a lot of jewelry. She said she bought it and just loved it, but when she was out one day somewhere standing in a line of people, she felt led to give the bracelet to another woman standing in the line. Her son was with her and tried to stop her, but she said she knew God was telling her to give it away. read more →

I stopped at a local gas station to refill my cup with ice from the drink area. There was a man and his wife in Muslim dress. I could care less about that, but I was staring because they were both just very beautiful people.

I was in line behind them and they were short less than a dollar for the drinks and milk they got. Without thinking, I handed over $1 because they were going to put the milk for their child back. The man said he saw me staring and was upset with me. I apologized because I was not staring to be rude, but told him I thought they were every beautiful. He told me he forgave me and thanked me for my kindness and would stop to think next time that maybe people did not all stare to be rude. read more →

I learned to pay it forward early. I was six years old and a nickel short of the candy I wanted. As I was trying to decide whether to give up the bubble gum or the Tootsie Roll, a man plunked a nickel on the counter for me and smiled. I don’t remember what he said, but I got the lesson. Been paying it forward ever since.

Yesterday, sixty years later, I was in a store trying on medically necessary, expensive tennis shoes. Another customer came over to me. Perhaps he’d noticed my raggedy shoes. read more →

GordonthehomelessmanMy family and I went into the city yesterday (Melbourne). It’s not something we do often as we live an hour or so away, but as my youngest son is highly interested in modern architecture, he loves going to see the tall, shiny buildings. My eldest son couldn’t wait to explore the magic shop and my husband and I love wandering through the gorgeous old arcades and cute little shops.  read more →

I gave 57 kindness hampers out at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle with Mr Matthew age 3. We made people cry just by showing kindness by listening to them. I gave my time and I was given so much more in return. I was given hugs, smiles and genuine thanks, and even got shouted a coffee from a spunky guy! Woohoo! Matthew on the other hand was shown how to show strangers some kindness. That in itself was a lesson that will last my 3 year old a life time! – Amanda