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Use This Easy Loving Kindness Meditation For Happy Students
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Use This Easy Loving Kindness Meditation for Happy Students

Have you tried guided meditation for students in your classroom? If not, your kids are missing out! Imagine taking some time away from the chaos and noise of the school day when students are struggling to focus. A guided meditation leads them on a magical journey to relax and de-stress. These calming moments are amazing for…

56 Fun Brain Breaks For Kids: Better Learning And Behavior
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56 Fun Brain Breaks for Kids: Better Learning and Behavior

Brain breaks for kids are one of the best ways to engage your students and ensure they’re doing their best learning. Honestly, they’re a must in just about any classroom.Students spend almost a third of their day in class. During this time, they’re expected to sit still and pay attention for long periods while reading,…

The I Need Box Is A Behavior Management Hack To Improve Emotional Wellbeing
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The I Need Box is a Behavior Management Hack to Improve Emotional Wellbeing

Has COVID taken a toll on your student’s wellbeing? Show them that you understand and support them by giving them an easy way to share their worries, concerns, and needs.Julia Brown is a middle school teacher in Texas who had a simple but clever idea to help her students communicate their needs or wants in…

6 Ways To Use Movement For Social And Emotional Development During Covid-19
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6 Ways to Use Movement for Social and Emotional Development During Covid-19

Humans are social beings. We are designed to live amongst communities and socialise with other humans on a daily basis. Social isolation has been protecting our physical health from contracting the Coronavirus. However, having to isolate is having a great impact on our social health, emotional health, and psychological health. For our children, social interaction with…

Kids Love The Crumpled Paper Or Wrinkled Heart Activity To Stop Bullying
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Kids Love the Crumpled Paper or Wrinkled Heart Activity to Stop Bullying

The wrinkled heart activity or crumpled paper bullying lesson is a powerful way to teach children about the lasting effects of bullying.This simple activity is a valuable friendship lesson that shows students how difficult it is to undo the damage from unkind words and actions!Who could imagine that a single sheet of scrunched up paper…

Enemy Pie Book Review & A Friendship Lesson
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Enemy Pie Book Review & A Friendship Lesson

Need a friendship lesson for your grade? This Enemy Pie read aloud is perfect!!!!Title: Enemy PieAuthor: Derek MunsonIllustrator: Tara KingAge group: 4 – 10 yearsTheme: Friendship, Problem-Solving, Bullying, Judgement, Respect Get Enemy Pie read aloud HERE! Enemy Pie is a wonderful picture story book for young children who struggle with friendship issues or feelings of exclusion. It’s…

Snowball Toss Activity – Teach Students How To Relieve Stress
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Snowball Toss Activity – Teach Students How to Relieve Stress

Take a 60-second brain break to relieve stress and anxietyIt can be difficult to get students to open up, especially those in higher grades but we know how critical it is for wellbeing to be able to manage and release emotions. If you’re looking for fun stress relieving activities for students, I can guarantee that…

How To Develop Positive Character Traits At School And Home
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How to Develop Positive Character Traits at School and Home

How are character traits developed?It’s a given that parents want their kids to grow up with good set of values and positive character traits. Kindness, compassion, perseverance, honesty, and respect are just some of the traits we want to instill in our kids. Charles Starkey, Associate Professor of Philosophy studies emotion theory and moral psychology. He says that…

The Mayonnaise Jar: A Valuable Lesson About Priorities And Happiness
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The Mayonnaise Jar: A Valuable Lesson About Priorities and Happiness

I’m not sure who originally told the mayonnaise jar story, but this powerful lesson has been replicated over the years and there are now quite a few versions to be found on the net. Regardless of its source or how it’s been changed, the mayonnaise jar story shares a valuable lesson for a happier life. This…

The Power Breath – An Essential Tool For Teachers
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The Power Breath – An Essential Tool for Teachers

When one of your children, (student or biological) is hysterical because they’ve just had an accident or some sort of perceived trauma, what’s your first challenge? You need to understand what has happened, so you can soothe them. This of course is impossible if the child is blabbering and sobbing incomprehensibly. Your naturally wise self…

8 Reasons Why An Attitude Of Gratitude Improves Mental Health And Wellbeing
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8 Reasons Why an Attitude of Gratitude Improves Mental Health and Wellbeing

The older I get, the more I’m hearing people complain of a lack of joy and fulfillment in their lives. Personally, I think this is often caused by an imbalance in physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs. In other words, people are not allowing themselves the right amount of sleep, nutrition, exercise, work, security, intellectual…