Dean was a guy that always had a hug and a good parting word for everyone he met. Each morning he left me a post-it note next to the coffee maker for me to find when I woke up. Always words of encouragement and love. read more →


This inspirational video has a wonderful message to inspire children and help them see their worth. Show this video by Meir Kay to demonstrate to your children or students that no matter what happens in life, they are worthy and valuable members of society. read more →

A stranger's kindness.
I lost my ipad on the way back to Medan from Singapore a few weeks ago. Long story, but basically through pure misunderstanding and accident, the ipad was put in a compartment that was unlocked in a bag that was checked in. Obviously by the time we realised, we were back in Medan and the ipad was lost. It was hard to pinpoint whether it was taken whilst in Singapore or after we got back to Medan. However, as much as it was annoying, I chose to let it go and count my lucky stars that it was only my ipad that was gone and nothing else more important, like my family. read more →