I used to take the old ladies next door grocery shopping sometimes, and sometimes I helped carry their food up the front steps, but sometimes I just wasn’t “up to it” with all my own bags. read more →

BryonyRippleI was delighted to be able to send out Lisa’s lovely letter to my friends and neighbors, encouraging them to support my efforts to promote random acts of kindness, to check out ripplekindness.org, and to perform and experience the joy that comes from unexpected acts of kindness.

I was really touched to receive a card and gift from one of the neighbors to whom I’d sent the letter, quoting Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

ToBryonyfromFaithIt was a lovely recognition from her of the small efforts that I make and a sense of community between us and our “being on the same team”as she put it. – Bryony 🙂