So, I got pulled over this morning. I knew it was coming after all my plates expired in October. My addicted daughter had decided that the cash I had to pay the rent was hers so I had to scrape together what I could to pay. (I truly hate that my landlord insists on cash), so I couldn’t renew my registration. read more →

Kindness gives hope.
I wanted to share with you a kindness I witnessed today.

A little background to start. I have befriended a homeless gentleman and his dog. I made his acquaintance this summer – and stop by the area he frequents almost every day to check on him – make sure he has food for both him and his dog … warm clothes and bedding – general daily care items.

I was sitting and chatting with him tonight and someone walked up behind me — I heard a man’s voice say hello – and Jay returned the greeting. He seemed a little ill at ease and when the man asked if he was hungry and needed food Jay said he was OK as he fumbled with his backpack. I then heard the man state it was OK, he’d be more than happy to take him into the store and buy him some food right now. read more →

Hard times.
A policeman pulled us over on the way home from the food pantry. My boyfriend had just lost his job and our plates had expired.

We pulled into the gas station to buy our kids a bottle of water to share and to eat their food pantry sandwiches with. We were hoping the officer didn’t run our plates, but he did, and pulled in front of our car and waited for my boyfriend to come out to give him a ticket.

We were so stressed (about to lose our house, etc.) that my boyfriend burst into tears and said; “oh come on, don’t do this to me right now man” and he explained our ordeal. read more →