A nice lady paid for our lunch. We were totally blown away. She said we were a beautiful family. So, the next day, I was getting tires put on my van and an older lady from out of state who was traveling alone had a flat tire. We picked up her tab and she was very thankful. Pay it forward ♡♡♡ – Jaimie

I was going into a store at my local shopping center and as I was nearing the door, a young man approx 17-18 years old ran to open it for me for no reason other to be a gentleman. He was just walking by. What a nice boy. Raised right. – Lisa

I’m recovering from major surgery and could not attend my special needs daughter’s high school orientation. My friend made sure my daughter had an aide to attend with her. It was one less worry for me and the kindest thing anyone who done for me. – Cindy

The customers in front of me had several credit cards and debit cards. They were all declined so they decided to suspend their transaction. I offered to pay for their order. I received grateful hugs of surprise from the customers and heartfelt tears from two cashiers. – Cathy

I saw a young man hitchhiking this week. It was bitterly cold and the road he was on was many miles away from anything. I stopped. I warned him not to harm me, or he would be sorry, LOL.

Anyway, he was going near where I was headed. We had to drive for about 20 minutes and had a lovely conversation. I gave him some advice on employment as he had just gotten a four year degree. read more →

Have I ever told you about the elderly man we were behind at the checkout? He had a tiny amount of groceries on the belt and was trying to pay for his groceries by giving the young operator his deposit book. The operator was confused and so was the gentleman. So we paid for his groceries, while he kept saying I will pay you back – we told him it was ok they were on us. The checkout operator was blown away and said that was really nice.

We still think about him though and feel sad, obviously he hadn’t done the groceries for a while and perhaps had lost a loved one that had done that previously. Afterwards we saw him sitting on a chair within the centre and often wish we had done more to help him. – Amanda 🙂

I hope I am not tooting my own horn here, but really I am, I cannot help it, I feel so good.

I have been doing the PIF thing religiously since joining Ripple Kindness Project. I always did it before, just not as much.  read more →

Last summer we had a friend who needed repairs to her van and couldn’t afford to pay for them. She is a young mother of four children and her husband is in jail. Her parents are living with her and her mom is dying from chronic COPD. We arranged for a man we go to church with and my husband to install a new power steering pump on her van with the agreement that they wanted nothing for the work. Turns out, it ended up being a tougher job than they anticipated. The first three they put in were no good, but the fourth time was a keeper. We also put a part on her front axle that had to do with the steering. It was leaking power steering fluid VERY badly, but is doing much better now. – Leanna

Every time I went through the Gateway toll I used to pay for the car behind me. I was so disappointed when they took the toll booths out and now you have a little gadget thing in your car instead. I used to look in the rear view mirror to try to see the look on the faces of the people in the next car and hope that I’d brightened their day a little. – Mardi 🙂

When I was working at Starbucks, the longest “kindness chain” that I personally saw was about five cars, which was pretty amazing! Apparently one Christmas it went as high as 100 plus cars.

But the coolest experience for me was when a group of three gentlemen came into the building and asked the barista in drive-thru (that was me!) if they could pay for the next six cars to come through the drive-thru and give them each a card. The final car in the series was a woman whose order was unusually high at $20. We asked if they still wanted to pay, and they did. The woman literally started crying and said she was getting the coffee for her sister’s wedding rehearsal, and she knew her sister would be very excited and see this as an omen of things to come in their marriage.

Then, the three men left a $30 tip for us and left. What an exciting day!! – Heather 🙂

It’s only a little thing, but I was at the supermarket the other day and there was a girl in front of me that looked about 12. She had brought some things – I think they were lollies – but not many. The lady rang them up and told her the amount. She pulled out her coins and handed them over, but it wasn’t enough.  read more →