On my way to work each day, I cross a park where there is a homeless man that has become a fixture of that spot. He is always there with his “I am a homeless Vet” sign. read more →

A waitress at our favorite restaurant was looking troubled one day. I asked what was the matter and she told me of her chronic shoulder and neck pain. I came home and mixed up a roller bottle of essential oils for muscle pain and dropped off one day asking her friend to give it to her next morning. Mother’s Day when hubby took me to breakfast, my waitress friend came over so thrilled that the oils helped relieve her pain! – Pat

My story.
In 2008 my daughter and I had to go out of town for a doctor’s appointment. We were up before the birds and on a bus before the sun was up. I had been so worried we would miss the bus I didn’t even bother with coffee that morning. When we entered the building that housed the doctor I was seeing, the most wonderful aroma met us, mmmm coffee. I approached the kiosk and was told in a short snapping impatient tone the coffee wasn’t ready!! read more →

My Mom is in a nursing home for rehabilitation. The nurse told me that residents go to the beauty shop and no body comes to see how beautiful they are. If one can volunteer in a nursing home or hospice, or an elderly homebound adult and tell them they are loved and never give up on hope. One fall, one accident, or an illness can change your life forever. Find an organization or a nursing home and volunteer to do an art project, read to an elderly person or a person with a disease, and give lots of love. I try to visit my Mom several times a week and give lots of support to my dad and my family. Love Janet 🙂

My brother holds a sign “will work for food”. He is not homeless but mentally ill and gets very little money to live on. The meds they give him causes many side effects, swollen tongue, constant leg movement and paranoia, so he quit taking it and drinks to make himself black out so as not to have to deal with it. He is the kindest person. read more →