So, I got pulled over this morning. I knew it was coming after all my plates expired in October. My addicted daughter had decided that the cash I had to pay the rent was hers so I had to scrape together what I could to pay. (I truly hate that my landlord insists on cash), so I couldn’t renew my registration. read more →

Last Wednesday on my way to work while it was 19° and icy out, I saw a person under a blanket in the bus shelter. From the position of their head and hands, I was scared they may be frozen to death (though he was wearing purple gloves but his hands were becoming frostbitten). read more →

Kindness gives hope.
I wanted to share with you a kindness I witnessed today.

A little background to start. I have befriended a homeless gentleman and his dog. I made his acquaintance this summer – and stop by the area he frequents almost every day to check on him – make sure he has food for both him and his dog … warm clothes and bedding – general daily care items.

I was sitting and chatting with him tonight and someone walked up behind me — I heard a man’s voice say hello – and Jay returned the greeting. He seemed a little ill at ease and when the man asked if he was hungry and needed food Jay said he was OK as he fumbled with his backpack. I then heard the man state it was OK, he’d be more than happy to take him into the store and buy him some food right now. read more →

We were having dinner at Maccas tonight and while I was ordering my coffee, Matt (4) turned to me and said “can I give the policemen a kindness hamper?” I noticed that there was 4 police officers at the table having dinner, so we went out to the car and got 4 kindness hampers. I said to them “thanks for what you do for our community” and Mattt told them to have a great day with high five’s all round and a big good bye as they left. Awesome you go Matt! I am so proud to be your mummy. – Amanda