I started following the Ripple facebook page back in 2013 when I first found I was in a very tough place in my life. I found the stories people shared, where doing and receiving kindness, incredibly uplifting and was inspired to participate. Living in a remote rural area, I was unsure of what I could do but the page gave me lots of great ideas, many that cost nothing or very little. So I started to create ripples of my own.

My latest ripple began very small and through a chance meeting… read more →

Rules for doing good.
Me and my three year old son were in line at Safeway buying a few items. We went to this store because we had to buy some boots for his fathers new job next door.

I let the man behind me in the queue go in front because he only had two items. He was very happy and said thank you so much. I was very touched when he left the cashier money to pay for my food. She was confused, but gave me the “Ripple Kindness Card” he had left with her to give to me. read more →

RKCinwalletI found a wallet and phone on the road today. I was able to return them to their rightful owner who tried to offer me a reward. I told him a Ripple Kindness Card was in the wallet and to please pay it forward. I hope he does and I hope I get to read about it here someday! – Bobbie

At the Belizze airport, I paid for coffee for the gal behind me and told her it’s my Random Act of Kindness. I then suggested she do something nice the next day, and she said she would. Yay!! – Barbara

My boyfriend paid for the person behind him at Starbucks today. I’m so proud. – Heather

Bought a coffee and muffin today for a four-foot-something octogenarian pink angel after letting her go ahead of me in line. – Anon

I went through the drive thru for my morning coffee and paid for the coffee of the car behind me. I told the cashier what I wanted to do and handed him a Ripple Kindness Card to give to the person behind. He was perplexed to say the least. I left with a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart. – Jo-anne

WhatAboutSnailMailLast week I taped a stamped envelope with a blank card and a Ripple Kindness card to the bathroom wall at the mall. It’s such a shame no one send hand written letters out any more. – Camille



BlessingsWhereIUsedToLiveLast week I sent a card to an address I used to live at many years ago. I included a note I “borrowed” from Amanda ♥ . . . . here’s just a little note to send blessings through your door. May your day be filled with love, laughter and dreams fulfilled.

Maybe you might like to do something for someone else just because . . .  – Camille 🙂

BestofLuckToday I left a scratch lotto card and a Ripple Kindness Card on the seat of the bus I took to the mall. I can only imagine the look on the person’s face who found it. Hope they win something! – Camille 🙂