I'm so happy to see more schools adopting kindness as their overarching value for teaching character and fostering a peaceful school culture. I always say it's the foundation for all other values and something that should be taught in every home and school for optimum well-being and importantly, to prevent anti-social behaviour.

Recently, I've been fortunate to connect with several amazing ladies who have started Kindness Clubs! Yep, there are actually clubs dedicated to this good old fashioned value and they're doing a lot more than just teaching kids to be kind!!

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I started following the Ripple facebook page back in 2013 when I first found I was in a very tough place in my life. I found the stories people shared, where doing and receiving kindness, incredibly uplifting and was inspired to participate. Living in a remote rural area, I was unsure of what I could do but the page gave me lots of great ideas, many that cost nothing or very little. So I started to create ripples of my own.

My latest ripple began very small and through a chance meeting… read more →

Cartoon picture of girl sitting in front of blackboard with compliment written on it. Build 'em up hot seat friendship activity.

This is a powerful activity to use in the classroom at any time a student is in need of some extra love and care or as a focus activity during International Day of Friendship. It’s one we’ve included in the Ripple Kindness Project for Schools primary and elementary curriculum as it can have such an incredibly positive impact on children who are being acknowledged and complimented. read more →

In 2015 Pembroke Primary School embarked on a multidisciplinary journey, where students were encouraged to work with peers, teachers and local experts to solve real-world problems. The students discussed issues such as animal welfare, health and homelessness. It was the idea of homelessness that really struck an emotional cord with the students. Their overwhelming gratitude for all that they have, as well as their concern for those sleeping rough lead to in-class discussions, emails and phone calls to organisations primarily based in Melbourne. Despite the students’ keen interest, it was unfortunate that this is where the ‘action’ aspect of their problem solving journey ended because of long distances, lack of connection, age limitations and perceivably unattainable goals. read more →

Awesome feeling today when I went to Asda (Walmart supermarket) and met a lady in a wheelchair scooter with her son.

I took out half an hour to say hello and listen to their stories of the new baby in the family and how excited they all were to be sharing Christmas together. read more →

The key is to listen.
Not long after I started nursing, I befriended an elderly patient on our ward. I rarely looked after him, but seeing he didn’t often have visitors, I’d often pop in and chat with him during his 8 or so week stay with us.

He was a country man but would visit when in the city and became a dear family friend for nearly a decade until he passed in 2012. read more →

Touched by kindness.
In May last year, my house was burnt down by my five year old son. I was 32 weeks pregnant with my fourth child and suddenly homeless with only the clothes on our back.

About a month later while walking to my car after an antenatal appointment, my phone rang and it was the fire department who put out the fire. read more →

Caring Gesture.
My favorite act of kindness is about a young lady who came into the store I work at. She wanted to get her dad a couple small items for Christmas. She picked out a hat pin and a bumper sticker. I chatted with her as she dug through her bag looking for what little money she had and she told me her dad is a Vietnam veteran.

She paid for the pin and was trying to scrape the change up for the bumper sticker, but I had already pulled out the money to pay for it and handed her the receipt and told her to tell her dad “thank you” for his service and Merry Christmas.

She thanked me and left the store with tears in her eyes. A great feeling! – Brandi  😛

While planning our wedding, my wife kept saying I was ordering too much food. I told her not to worry, people come to weddings to eat and drink. We invited 200 and I ordered food for 600. read more →

A reason for everything.
About a year and a half ago, I was on a city bus in Portland and an older man was carrying a plastic sack of groceries that broke as he was getting off the bus and cans of food rolled everywhere down the isle and out the door on to the ground. I had just left Trader Joe’s and purchased one of their reusable shopping bags. (I had no idea what I was going to do with it as I already had a few.) After helping the man pick up his groceries that were everywhere I gave him the bag and helped him load it up as his cans and boxes were stacked up on the curb. The feeling of being glad that I had listened to my urge and bought the bag so I could give it to a stranger in need was unsurpassable. – Sherli 🙂

A few weeks after we launched Ripple Kindness Project’s Kindness Curriculum, I was approached by a year 5 boy who had been part of the audience at the special assembly held at his school. read more →

Since joining this group my mind has been working on ways to be kind to people. And I am finding that thoughts have been coming to my head that seem small, but end up being huge to others. For example, some friends gave me a gift certificate to the grocery store for Christmas. It was very casually mentioned that maybe I can by some food and litter for my 5 cats, but anything I wanted would be fine for them.  read more →