About 20 years ago when I was in college, I was on a bunch of email mailing lists (they were groups where people on the list got emails and sent them to each other). One night around midnight I was checking my email and saw an email on one of those lists from someone (a stranger) who said she was about to kill herself. She was sitting there with a bottle of pills. She had some issues in her life that were really hard, including the death of her best friend. I wrote to her, and gave her my phone number, asking her to call me. About 5 minutes later she did. She lived somewhere in the Midwest, and I was in NJ. We talked a bit, but back then long distance calls were very expensive, so she said she couldn’t afford the call. I was just a poor college student myself, without much money, but I told her I’d call her back so I would get the charges. I didn’t know how I was going to get the money to pay for the call, but I did it anyway. I ended up talking to her for 8 hours. All the way up until 9 am when I had to go to class. She got rid of the pills while we were talking. So she did not commit suicide. read more →

In late 2012 my children were kidnapped and slated for the (then unknown) child/sex slavery auction block effectively running in the underbelly of our society. read more →

Sheryl-and-her-brotherI’ve always been one to do kind things for others, not ever expecting anything in return. Almost two years ago, I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. I had to go to the hospital immediately. I had so many plans in the upcoming months. I was a Girl Scout Leader, a Service Unit Manager (which handles many troops in the area), and worked full time. All of that stopped that day. read more →

I was sitting at a traffic light when my car battery went flat. Suddenly a young man came to me and said “get in and step on the accelerator and do not stop to say thank you. Once I push the car you need to start it”. I did what he told me to do except that I waived frantically to thank him.

A few months down the line, I met another stranger whose car ran out of petrol and I stopped to help by driving him to the petrol station and then driving him back to his car. He thanked me and offered to pay me, but I told him “no you don’t have to as I was the recipient of kindness and all I ask is that you pass on this good deed to someone in need”. And with that, I said goodbye. – Siat 🙂

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Driving a 1700 mile trip home from the final arrangements for someone who was very close to me, I was at a restaurant/gas station to fill up on gas and coffee to continue home. I received a phone call from home and I just broke down and cried like a twit because my heart was breaking. When I arrived at the register to pay for my meal and gas, I was handed an envelope. In the envelope was just a note stating for me to have a safe trip home and that God heard my grief. Enclosed were two $100 bills and a receipt for my meal and gas. read more →

I can’t quite remember when I started thinking about donating my kidney; it was probably some 10 years ago. From when I first became aware of the possibility I remember thinking, wow wouldn’t that be an awesome thing to do. I have always been a healthy person and believed that I could do it.

I lost a close friend to a brain tumour over ten years ago and I promised myself I would do something in honour of him. Well, time passed by and life got in the way and I did nothing. Then 2 years ago I lost another close friend, this time to cancer, and I said to myself that I had to stop wasting time. There was nothing I could have done for Joshua’s brain tumour or Craig’s cancer, but I could give someone a better life or even save their life with the gift of my kidney. I would do this in honour of my friends.

It took some time to find the most compatible recipient and when the time came I was very excited. I was admitted to hospital on the Tuesday, I awoke in the early hours of Wednesday morning thinking to myself this is the most rewarding day of my life. read more →